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Starting stats.

Starting stats.

Hi everyone, I am starting PE tomorrow, I have done stuff before but damaged myself but I think it has all healed up now, Well, hopefully, lol. I was never into PE big time though, Just literally stretched a bit and tried jelqing, so I am not experienced.

My stats are 6 inch length (non bone pressed) and 4.5 inch girth. Think I might try pumping and jelqing first. With some very light stretches (think the stretches damaged me in the first place).

This is gonna be so much better than before, really looking forward to making my girl SCREAM, haha. I am another one of them guys that has an ex who says she had a HUGE dicked ex, but so what? I am gonna fuck her up (not in a violent way, lmao).

p.s. A few people have mentioned a heating pad, what is this? I am scared to try a rice sock because I think it will be way too hot!!

Take care all.

By the way, remember this name - I am gonna be a big boy ;)



Welcome to Thunder’s! Some people use a plug-in heating pad such as these.

By the way, if you injured yourself the first time around, I would strongly suggest limiting yourself to a typical newbie routine at first: manual exercises alone before you move on to pumping.

hey para-goomba, thanks for the reply and info. Why ain’t there many viewers or posters on my threads? :(

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

What did the stretches do that damaged you? Did you go a bit overboard? Stay positive and safe & hopefully you will make your girl scream in delight.

I done normal stretches in different directions and tried a-stretches and stuff. I think I done it when I tried stretching without a warm up - I got too eager.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

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