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Starting stats on 1st day of PE

Starting stats on 1st day of PE

I tried to start a few months ago but I was never dedicated and I thought of what I could have gained in those months if I would have been so I decided to get serious and stick to it. Today was my first day and here are my starting stats. I forgot to get the girth but I guess I can do that tomorrow or later today because it’s not going to change from just 1 days work..

Flaccid length hanging- 4.5”
Erect BP- 6”
BPFSL- 7” (how is that possible?)

My goal is to reach 8” ELNBP

Welcome touchmyrod,

Good starting stats and yes usually your BPFSL will be longer than your BPEL. No big deal. Good luck to you and there are two things that I will say for advise.

First of all, take it easy. No need to rush changing something that you have had for years. It will not happen over night. Plenty of heating it up and don’t rush things. Follow the newbie routine, then later on add more “stuff”.

Rushing things causes injuries. Injuries take a hell of a lot more time to heal then it did to cause them.

Again welcome and good luck.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

How can I tell if I’m doing it right? What should it look like after? I think my routine is ok for now.I don’t have a lot of privacy so I can’t really do a lot of manual stretching but I am on the computer alot so I do btc stretching..

Heres my routine for now, let me know if I should add some stuff or anything,

5 mins hot wrap
10mins btc stretching
10-15 mins jelquing
5 mins hot wrap

I do this in the morning before school so I don’t have a lot of time so I skip the kegals right after but I do about 100-150 throughout the day at that ok or should I do them right after?

Ok I measured my EG and FG..

FG- 5”
EG- 5.5”

My EL is 5.5” NBP

Ok I’m a little confused on the lot theory, my lot is between 7 and 8, what should I be doing? Theres been like 110+ views and no replies?

I think I understand it instead of jelquing down should I be doing it up since my lot is low?

Nobody wants to help?


Have been away for a while. Looks like you are doing fine, and your LOT is not that low. I would Jelg and stretch down until I felt there is no more potential there, then do it up. Just be patient man. If you feel that your routine that you are now doing is not enough, you need to add more stuff. Maybe more time on the jelging, or more stretching. Be creative, but not to the point of injury. Someone is always coming up with a new way of doing this thing we call PE. Kegels are good, keep them up. Maybe Fowfer at night. A fowfer is tucking your meat and balls between your legs when you go to sleep and leave them there. Helps alot with the flaccid. I count my Jelgs instead of timing them because I would much rather have 100 properly done jelgs instead of 15 minutes of them done wrong. Not that you are, this is just the way I do it. I do about 200-300 when I do them.

Hope this helps and good luck to you.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

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