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Starting some EQ exercises, got some Jelqing amp; Kegel questions

Starting some EQ exercises, got some Jelqing amp; Kegel questions

Hey first off wanted to start, sorry I ask so many questions I like to be thorough and make sure everything is going according to plan since somethings can hurt more than they help.

I have poor EQ, so I’m starting to do kegels (5 second holds x 100 every other day), jelqing (about 5-10 mins in the shower every other day), and some edging.

1) Is it okay to switch between jelqing and kegels? I do jelqing for a minute and a halfish then when my erection is too high I switch to kegels. Then when my EQ is low, I switch back to jelqing. Could this end up hurting me in any way or anything?

2) Is there a problem with jelqing using soap as a lubricant? It’s aloe but I kind of feel like it’ll cause some damage in a little while.. But I’m not sure

3) Is this a good amount of jelqing if I’m aiming to increase my EQ? Should it be more//less? I’m not really looking for gains but wouldn’t mind them..

4) Should I be using a hot wrap afterward or anything? I do ALL these exercises in a hot shower usually. (Fyi)

4) (kind of random) any one know if ginseng or ginkgo balboa can actually hurt EQ?

Thanks a ton in advance.

Ok umm lets see here…

1.Sounds great to me

2.Soap…. uhhhhh no. I wouldn’t recommend soap as lube b/c no matter if it’s aloe soap or not it’s still sopa (just a tiny bit of aloe added. This will cause irritation and possibly a rash later on. Try baby oil, it’s cheap and it’s pretty popular around here.

3.Yeah sounds good kegels+jelq will be a killer EQ work out (not to be confused with the phrase EQ killer work out) lol.

4.Yeah I would say use a hot wrap or just keep letting the water stay on your dick after the workout. Even if it doesn’t help, it sure as hell ain’t gunna hurt none :)

5. Never heard of them reducing EQ EVER!!!!!

hope this helps, the pros will check in and give you some real advice soon lol.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

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Thank you for your reply that helps!

Anyone else have any input to assure me?

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