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Starting small


Starting small

I am new to PE and thought that it was a bunch of crap based on the medical reports I have seen. I was quite skeptical of the pay PE sites, and all the spam I get concerning it, but now that I’ve found Thunder’s Place which doesn’t try to sell you anything, and has many success stories which I have been reading, I am willing to give it the good old college try. Let me tell you my story so far.

I’m 47 years old, 5’10”, 185 lbs of Irish and German descent, and in good physical health, although I do suffer from viscous long bouts of depression. I take Wellbutrin for that and it has a modest leveling effect. Unlike Celexa and Prozac, it does not cause me any sexual problems. I was quite athletic when younger but now only take walks and do yard work for exercise. I’ve been happily married for 25 years to the only woman I have ever had sex with. I am also her only lover. We have two great children, ages 17 and 14, and I had a vasectomy about 7 years ago. I have been very self conscious about the size of my penis for as long as I can remember. My important stats are BPEL=14.7 mm, EG=11.0 mm. As you can see, my penis ranks in the lowest 10% or so. My girth is just miserable (4.25 inches). This has caused problems when making love with my wife. For several years she was unable to have an orgasm, even with oral sex. She doesn’t like me to give her oral sex because she thinks it’s dirty. Of course I rationalized the lack of her orgasm in my own mind as due to my small size, and this nagging negative thought has continued till the present day. I’m sure it contributes to my depression. After 5 or 6 years, I purchased a small vibrator for her, and this helped a little. She initially didn’t want to use it, but quickly liked what it was doing. What really helped was a vibrator called Eroscillator 2 which is very quiet but very powerful and has a multitude of attachments. She loves this thing and it’s lasted for years. So our current lovemaking routine (maybe twice a week) involves her using the vibrator while on her back. I help by sucking on her breast and very gently caressing and fingering her pussy. She is able to achieve an orgasm most of the time this way in ten or fifteen minutes. Once that’s out of the way, I get to have my fun. Sometimes she lets me slip into her while lying on my side before she has her orgasm. She can continue to use the vibrator since I’m on my side. I can last for 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes longer, and we can both have an orgasm this way. Certainly I always do, but she bats maybe 0.500. However she has never had an orgasm from me in her without the vibrator going. So my goal is to increase my size so she does. If I could get to average (6.5”x5”), I’d be overjoyed. I’ve got the time to spend PEing. Five days a week during lunch I can be alone for an hour, plus those hot showers several times a week will give me some time. I’ve just started doing the Newbie routine and will give that a go for a month before I start to change things. I’m still not comfortable with jelqing but I think I am doing it correctly. The stretches are pretty straightforward. The videos on the site are really helpful. I’m not going to tell the wife I am doing this so I need to be discreet at home. I would be delighted to receive any suggestions about routines especially to massively increase girth. I would be willing to do the hanging or traction, or other mechanical methods if they would help. However I am starting with the manual methods.

In the meantime, I have just purchased a couple penis extensions/girth enhancers so it will be interesting to see what that does for the wife. I didn’t get anything too big to start (7”x6”). She will probably be reluctant to use them at first, but hopefully will go for it since it’s really just like a condom with some extra meat. (At least that’s how I’m going to sell it to her.) She is dead-set against any dildo. I would be very interested to hear tales from other penis-challenged individuals who’ve tried the extension or girth enhancer route while PEing.

Finally, for those who are interested, my handle “Diatoms” refers to microscopic algae that have hard shells, a reference to my small erection size. I’m very grateful that there is such a forum to discuss one of life’s big issues. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you.

Just trying to become average.... "There is ALWAYS hope" - Aragorn start 11/25/04 BPEL= 14.7 cm (5.78") EG= 11 cm (4.33")

You’ll find all the stories you need to keep you reading for several days right here: Is it in Yet?

My own personal story is here:
KOG’s Pathetic Story

I don’t know if you’ll find anything about anyone using extensions in that thread, but I’m interested to hear a report from you about your own experiences. :)

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Originally Posted by diatoms
BPEL=14.7 mm, EG=11.0 mm.

Don’t you mean CENTImetres, rather than millimetres?

Originally Posted by Swinteck
Don’t you mean CENTImetres, rather than millimetres?

Yes, centimeters like in my signature. I’m not THAT small!

Just trying to become average.... "There is ALWAYS hope" - Aragorn start 11/25/04 BPEL= 14.7 cm (5.78") EG= 11 cm (4.33")

Hello and Welcome Diatoms,

I’m glad you joined and jumped right in there instead of lurking!

Stick with your current newbie routine until you get it down as the newbie routine is all about conditioning and basic movements.

When your gains slow or your well conditioned then throw the more advanced techniques in there.

One question for you…do you want to do “Stealth PE” because you want to be sure it works first or do you think the wife will make it into a huge issue about “Why and Motives”.

You never know she may give you the privacy you need or visual aid! LOL

Anyway Happy PEing and keep us posted!

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

Don’t be surprised when you get ‘big’ she still doesn’t have an orgasm from intercourse. Some women just don’t.

You may want to look into Pumping as a part of your future PE routine.

Many guys gain a good amount of girth from sensible pumping, as well as many other benefits.

Here’s a good thread to read when you are ready to explore pumping as a PE technique:
Vacuum Pumping 101

Welcome aboard Diatoms.

Statistically, guys who start out smaller tend to grow more than guys who start out larger. Also, guys with girths 4.5” or below tend to do better still.

See this thread for the graphs:

Does Big Girth Kill Lenght Gains?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Here is one of the threads in my favourites folder. All about girth:
Girth Routines

I think it’s sensible to set the goal like you do; it’s very attainable given time and patience, that I’m sure of.
I’m sure you can end up with a really big one too, should you decide to go for that. And what the hell, why not?
Just note that giving it “the old college try” may or may not be good enough. You really need perseverance for significant things to happen; you pay your dues for each micron of gains.

Study and get busy

Good luck Diatoms!

Jelq it, stretch it, make it bigger! It’s exciting to see a guy with your dimensions starting out. Looking forward to hearing about any progress! :)

Your wife will notice your progress along the way. She will make comments like “what have you been doing?” I would not use a penis extender, then she wont appreciate as you get bigger. You are in a unique position. You have a women that has only been with a relatively small unit. Now you are going to be the guy that gives her the big one. I often think about this when I’m with my wife. I’ll see that she is getting so much more pleasure being hammered by my large unit. I think man I’m glad it’s me and not some other guy she is having this much fun with. It’s almost like I’m fucking her with someone else’s dick.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Your size is almost the same exact as mine. There are not enough guys who are our size coming forward.

Glad you joined brother… There is great help here for all who are interested…


Thanks to everyone who replied so far. I really appreciate the support and information. Like anything else, it will be a learning experience with ups and downs, hopefully with some measure of success. Checking the PE stats page makes me think that a couple years of dedicated effort will yield some good things. I’m very compulsive so once I get going I usually finish something I’ve set my mind on.

Last night my wife caught me in bed with the laptop checking out the PE exercises here. It was dumb of me to do it right next to her. Usually I just check my email. (I was just surfing the net, not doing any PE or anything.) She got very upset and said “What the HELL are you doing?? Are we going to start getting all kinds of porn in our mailbox?” I told her no, since I didn’t give out any personal information. Then I explained how my penis is so small compared to average, how this has always bothered me a LOT, and how most women find a larger penis more enjoyable. Of course as the loving devoted wife she is, she responded that it was plenty for her, and in fact, she didn’t want anything bigger! “How do you know?” I asked. Not much of a response to that but she said she was very happy with our sex life as is. I ended up telling her that all these PE things were a load of crap anyway, and I was stuck with what God gave me. So hopefully I haven’t ruined my experiment just yet. I think I also opened the door for future discussion on the penis and girth extenders that are in the mail. I don’t know when, how, or if I will break them out. It might be better to wait till I’ve got some gains but we will play it by ear.

Thanks again to everyone for their words of wisdom and encouragement.

Just trying to become average.... "There is ALWAYS hope" - Aragorn start 11/25/04 BPEL= 14.7 cm (5.78") EG= 11 cm (4.33")

Good luck, Diatoms. There are tons of guys here who started at your size or below, who ended up with whopper dicks. They all have one thing in common: persistence.

Starting: 6.5 X 5 EBP 4 X 4.1 Flaccid .........................Break: 7.563 X 5.5 EBP 5.25 X 4.375 Flaccid

Restart: 7.12 X 5.12 EBP 4.5 X 4.5 Flaccid

Goal: Somewhere between "Oh my God!!" and the end of blowjobs.

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