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Starting Routine....Suggestions?

Starting Routine....Suggestions?

Well its been a while but I have gotten the green light from my wife and my work schedule allows me some extra private time so I have decided to start PE again. I really never got started when I first found this sited and got interested. So I’m starting a routine from a mismatch of things that have interested me and things that I feel will get me a fast jump start in growth.

My goals are modest, I want to gain an 1.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth.

After my first week I have been doing 5 min warm up with heat pad.

10 mins of manual stretches in all 5 directions.

100 Wet Jelqs (2-3 secs)

10 Mins of Pumping doing Kagels the whole time.

100 Wet Jelqs

5 mins with the heat pad.

I have also tried some light hanging 3-5 pounds every other day for around 8-10 mins.

I eventually want to do the above in the evenings and hang in the mornings, five days on and two days off.

I have also been wrapping my flaccid length with an Ace wrap during the day while at work. I would like to find an ADS device that I could wear under my cloths, but I have a pretty active job so the normal ones I have seen would not work. I am working on making one at the moment using the Captains Wench.

So what do you think? I know a lot of people say that hanging is for the advanced, but I really just want to reach my goal as soon as possible and just do light maintenance to keep it. I know PE isn’t a race, but I have read a lot of stories of people getting good early gains of around 1”x.5” and honestly I would be happy with that.

Anyway let me hear what you think.


I think that the lack of replies says it all. You are not doing anything that seems too dangerous, so as long as it feels ok it should be ok. The important thing is to listen to your dick. If it is tired or sore give it a rest and think about stepping down the intensity.

In regard to the pumping, I’ve never really done it (had a cheap pump a few years ago, but gave up on that). As far as I’ve seen, the key is to use a decent pump with a pressure guage. As for what pressure to use, you’ll have to ask someone else.

In regard to the hanging, I am not sure that 8-10 minutes will be enough. It seems that with hanging the key is the amount of time you can invest in it. I don’t know the technical side behind it, but it is all about reaching the point of fatigue, which is when you will start to gain. In my experience, fatigue kicks in after about 30 minutes, so according to the theory, I don’t really gain anything during that first 30 minutes. Personally, I am not sure that I understand why this is a factor in hanging, but not manual stretching, but we have it on the authority of the big boys that fatigue is important when hanging. Try the 8-10 min a day, see what happens, it can’t hurt to try. Just make sure that you have a decent hanger (not a noose device) and that you are careful about it.

Just keep steady and consistant, be careful with what you do and the gains should come. Good luck.


That’s a good starting routine, and if you get your gains, they won’t be modest, they will be pretty damn good. Stick with your above routine for several weeks, adding to it slowly as you feel you can take it on. Once you get conditioned, you might want to specialize on girth or length, depending on your needs and what is working best.

Thanks for your replies.

I do plan on hanging in the mornings, gradually increasing the weight and time hanging as I “listen” to my body. Believe it or not I did feel some fatigue after hanging 2 sets for 10 mins at around 4-5 pounds. I’m really shooting to get to my goal by the end of the year. I will post before and after pictures then.

Looks like I have gained a half inch in length since I started 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I can get another inch before it really slows down.

Starting 5.5 BPEL 5” Girth

Currently 6 BPEL 5” Girth

Goal 7 BPEL 6” Girth

seems cool to me

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