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Starting Pe Which Ones To Do Confused And Turkey Neck

Starting Pe Which Ones To Do Confused And Turkey Neck

WELL, a few months ago I started jelqing, and after 2 weeks got horrid wrinkling and bulging at the top of my balls, so have stopped, I have for-skin and am 4.5 ” flaccid and 6” erect I want to gain 2” in the ned and a little girth. But can anyone help with the turkey neck sysmptom as I don’t want to make it worse is it cos I have foreskin.

And then whick of the hundreds of exercises do I do , stretching, or Jekyll how may times a day, or do I get a metal extender tool, or a pump , does any one have a clue cos I spent 3 hours trawling google and one response contradicts another, suppose it would be good if someone who has achieved gains without getting turkey neck and who has foreskin would be good.

So sorry for waffling, but basically what is best hand exercise or machine to use to get gains and fastest, and what to to to avoid tuley bulge on balls .

Thanks any reply great full pete

3 Months or so of a newbie routine, and after this you can do some manual stretches. It’s a good start and will get you gains without needing any devices.

Read up on the newbie routine on thunders. On the stretches, straight out and straight down stretches perhaps two sets of 10 minutes per day would be a good start. HOld each stretch for one minute.

Pull the ball skin back as you stretch or a testicle massage with Vaseline after your workout.


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