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Starting PE Log

Starting PE Log

Hey guys
I attempted PE earlier this year for about a month and didn’t really notice anything besides harder erections. I decided to restart and stick to it this time and I think that keeping a log would help me stay with it. My starting measurements are

NBPEL: 12.8cm
BPEL: 14.1cm
EG: 10.8cm
NBPFL: 8cm
BPFL: 9.8cm
FG: 9.5 cm

I’m doing a toned down version of the newbie routine because when I first tried PE it felt like too much. My routine is 2 sets of 30 second stretches in all directions and 2 sets of 20 good jelqs. Of course there is a warm up and down too. I will add 10-20 jelqs a week after the first week. It’s three days a week to start and I’ll see where it goes from there. I’m also going to do kegels throughout the day. I saw this routine somewhere on the forums but can’t remember. I know this stuff works I just need to make myself stick to it. I’m also thinking of taking pictures but who knows when I’ll get around to that.

Wish me luck guys and thanks for all the great info on these forums!

Also I’d like to know if anyone thinks this routine is not enough to start with

Originally Posted by bigwiffa
Also I’d like to know if anyone thinks this routine is not enough to start with

Welcome to Thunder’s Place!

It’s okay to lower the intensity if you find the regular Newbie Routine a little tough. That is what I did when I started out. Take a look at the following thread: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!. It should help you get an idea of when you’re doing too much.

Good luck!

Good advice, Invisible.

Good luck, bigwiffa.

Thanks for that thread invisible. When I first did the regular newbie routine I was having very weak erections but I didn’t immediately realize that it was because I was working it too hard

Hey guys just wanted to post my new measurements after about two weeks of PE.




I decided to not measure flaccid length because it varies too much day-to-day for me to consider it an accurate measurement. I am just going to go with a visual reference like a toilet paper tube or something.

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