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Starting PE, and I have a few questions

Starting PE, and I have a few questions


I’m just starting out and I would like to ask you guys a few things. First, some background:

I’m going to try the newbie routine to get things started.

Part of the trouble I’m currently having is my girlfriend. My last girlfriend sometimes complained about pain if I wasn’t careful so I didn’t think about my penis that often. My current girlfriend, however, likes big guys. I mean porn star big. Her last partner was one of them. So naturally I feel a little self-conscious and I’m hoping to change things. Not just for her, but for me also.

I’ve been reading here for a couple of hours, checking out routines and have some idea about what PE means and is. I understand that this is going to take quite some time before results become noticeable. That’s ok. Just the thought that over time I might have something better is reason enough.

Here are my starting stats, pics are attached in this thread /forum/showthread.php?t=117673:

EG: 5

Whew. Anyway I think I’m going through a relatively common experience of fearing that I won’t gain anything/enough but hopefully that will pass. I also hope I can quickly figure out how much to do without injury, and how to do enough to get a workout. Especially in regards to how hard I should press when I jelq. Guess I’ll know soon enough!

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Yesterday I did 5 min. Warm wrap, 30 jelqs, 5 min. Warm wrap

I experienced no discoloration, pain or soreness.

I’m wondering, should I expect a little pain if I’m jelqing with a tight enough grip? I may have been doing them too loosely. I get a lot of exercise and usually I can tell when I’ve had a good workout by feeling a little sore.

Also, the linear routine advises against stretching and I’m curious why not.

My last question is about EQ. I almost never get morning wood, and haven’t had night wood (that I know of) in years. That being said, my penis gets very hard very easily, I have good stamina I think (is 1.5 hours hard sex good? I have no idea), I get aroused easily, I can get an erection after sex in a matter of minutes if I’m so inclined, and I stay hard for a pretty long time after orgasm. Does that mean I should ignore morning/night wood as a negative sign?

I want to point out also that when I’m hard, my penis points straight up, flat against my belly. Even if I’m standing up. Will this effect my PE in any way?

Thanks for reading all this, and wish me luck!


EDIT: I also meant to ask, is it a bad idea to ramp up intensity until you begin to see some negative side effects, then work down till you are just below that level? I don’t mean doing so much that you get injured badly. I am worried about doing to little especially in regards to the grip when jelqing.

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I can only answer one or two of your questions, but I hope it can help you out.

Discoloration is something who can come with time, so no worry but keep an eye open. I myself never got discoloration but ended up with one stretch mark.
So be careful.

As for are you working it to hard or not, only you will know. Take the first month as a learning moment. Try different way and you will see how you react.
The point is to remember the feeling of what is to much so you don’t cross the line to often. And even if you do rest time is there for you. In fact never forget
That rest is also a part of the process.

Following routine is important but I think it is just a reference. If it’s to much go slower, if it’s so easy then built up. But always follow the sign. By example if you don’t have morning wood
No trouble, but if you start to lose the good quality of erection you have check back your routine.

Another thing is, it is possible your angle can change a bit. I hang lower then when I started and my erection are as good but I don’t point as up as I use to.
Never forget PE is a marathon not a race and good luck.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Evenhand, I started PEing about 2 weeks ago with the linear newbie routine. The guy that made it says that you shouldn’t stretch for a week or two because it is a bit more advanced, but I feel like the biggest advantage to only jelqing first is that you know how your penis responds solely to jelqing, so that you don’t have to guess whether stretching or jelqing resulted in a certain soreness or pain. I will actually start stretching for the first time in my next workout in a few hours.

Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

I didn’t experience any negative PI from jelqing. So I’m thinking that I might go a little harder next time pressure wise, and still keep the same number of reps. Grip is my primary concern so far.

That’s good advice about the stretching, I’ll hold off to make sure my jelqing technique isn’t too much/little and then I’ll begin stretching.

Thanks for comments, any others would be greatly appreciated!


Just finished 10 minutes jelqing, gripped much tighter and it seemed like it was getting better blood flow (glans turned a little purple, veins stood out a bit).

Another question:

I had sex with my girlfriend a little while before I did my routine, so I wasn’t very erect while I was jelqing. What is the minimum erection level needed to achieve anything?

50-60% is good for length, 70-80% to work more on girth.

Hello again!

I just finished my third session, and I have another question:

Many PEers have reported increased plumpness after jelqing. My flaccid is exactly the same. Does this mean that I’m doing something wrong?

First Day 7/26/09 BPEL: 7 EG: 5

Shor term Goal BPEL 7.5 EG: 5.25

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The plumpness people are describing is usually right after jelqing when you still have a partial erection. Your actual flaccid length could take weeks to grow.

Aha. That makes sense. I’m not in a hurry or anything, just trying to get a handle (so to speak) on proper jelqing technique. As an intensely logical person, the subjective nature of jelqing is throwing me a bit.

I read your recent post and the other related threads on this issue by the way, thanks for bringing that up. It would be nice to have a precise way of measuring the percentage of your erection for targeting jelqing better.


First Day 7/26/09 BPEL: 7 EG: 5

Shor term Goal BPEL 7.5 EG: 5.25

My Pics

Hello again, yet another question:

What is the purpose of changing the jelq “ok” grip from under to over? Do you guys alternate as you go, or do half one way and half the other?

I tried searching, but apparently my search-fu isn’t quite up to snuff.

Also, I’m still curious how my upward curve will be effected by PE and how it will effect PE (you can look at my picks, seems like a pretty serious curve to me).



First Day 7/26/09 BPEL: 7 EG: 5

Shor term Goal BPEL 7.5 EG: 5.25

My Pics

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