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Starting Over...

Starting Over...

Well, I’ve known about PE and discovered this site about 6 years ago. I am not small, but I realize my limitations. That said, I’ve been lucky over the years in that I have satisfied most all of my partners and feel lucky that I have some “talent” in the bedroom.

However, none of that matters when I still cannot shake the feeling that I need to be wider and longer. I’m currently at 6” BPEL and about 4.75” EG.

I have a LOT of reading to do, but I am very familiar with the newbie routine and tried it a few years ago with some gains in just a month, which was encouraging, but I stopped b/c once again I was in a relationship and everything was great in the bedroom. …Now, I do know from two of my past partners that I “could be bigger,” which I appreciated their honesty, and it never hurt my feelings, but made me aware of what I already knew and affirmed that I need to do something about it.

One problem of late, in the last two years…I’ve been without a consistent partner, have traveled a lot, and thus have been masturbating frequently…Almost every other day….Some weeks, every day. I think this may lead me down the premature ejaculation road and it also is causing weaker erections.

So, my first plan is not not masturbate for the next two weeks. I need to reconfigure my thought process to prepare for the workouts ahead. I noticed that when I masturbate less, my morning wood comes back in spades.

Do you guys have any thoughts or words of wisdom to share? I’m going to just start with the basic newbie routine in a few weeks, but first, I need to get out of this routine of jacking off, which I’m thinking is inhibiting my start to PE.

Thanks guys!!


Well, I’ll start by politely asking you to check the forum guidelines ( your spelling and grammar may incur the wrath of members). I know it may not seem like much but rules are rules, and it goes a long way in displaying respect for the rest of us. Please keep that in mind.

As for your concerns: As many members ( and their horror stories) here will tell you, you can not judge your size from what a woman says. It’s like putting a big “shoot me ” sign on your chest, giving her the gun, and then asking her not to shoot you. ( alright, bad analogy). I guess what I’m trying to say is, do PE for you.

As far as the power of your erections are concerned I agree that not masturbating will help, also not watching porn may help as well.

I wish you all the best with your routine. Don’t take the warm-ups for granted, and keep track of your progress, when you hit a rough patch ( a plateau or an injury) that will encourage you to keep at it, or may help you identify if you need to change up the routine to get gains. Also really get to know your equipment, and tune in to what your body is trying to tell you during and after the workouts. Take it slow and it’ll grow. Lastly do what you can to make PE enjoyable and entertaining, ( maybe even associate some positive thoughts with PE. For example PE when you are happy, or in a good mood enough times and you may even condition yourself to look forward to it, and really enjoy it, then it won’t seem like a chore) keep things fresh and stay active on the forums ( usually staying active and posting, helps more than you could imagine).

I’m glad you appreciate that you will have to read and do a lot of research, work smart and not hard, stick with it, and you’ll be successful in no time.
I look forward to reading about all the gains you are sure to make.

P.S. Don’t wait too long before you start, procrastination can be an ugly, sneaky thing.

Best Wishes Zerone


You can absolutely do this! I used to masturbate as much as everyone else, but when you get your groove with PE and start carrying fatigue after a good workout, it is a sort of like being satisfied. Now, I hardly ever rub on off - I’m either using the time exercising or even better directing that hunger to a real person - my wife. Self pleasuring is fine and all, but it can also be a dead end.

However, the good news is, your great as you already are. You have confidence with your partners and you want to be better. It’s the right attitude and a great place to start. Just start PE, there is so much you can gain (size, EQ, stamina, ejaculation control) and nothing to loose! Go for it! But stick with it! That was my problem, after the newbie gains, I got too busy and didn’t make a consistent effort. Had I stuck with it, like some guys on here who have been at it for the same amount of time as I have, I could have gained inches by now..

Good Luck!

Hey Fellas,

Thanks to the both of you. I’ll certainly watch the spelling and punctuation and read the guidelines. I want to learn as much as I can before I start for obvious reasons.

Your collective encouragement is a good boost and I will keep you apprised of progress along the way. I think I will begin the newbie routine, including all suggested warm ups, once I start getting my morning wood back and feel as though I’m ready in mind and body.

Muchos gracias, amigos!

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