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Starting over after injury

Starting over after injury

What up fellas?

First, ThunderSS.Thank You for this site. It is invaluable and one of greatest contributions made to modern man.

Now for my question. I am BPEL 6.25/BPEG 4.5, and in need of some serious PE. Approximately 6 months ago I had worked my way into a little bit of an extended Newbie Routine while mixing in pumping(3hg-5hg for 3sets of 8min each) in between my jelq’s. Well, I F’d up. Jelq’d hard with a hard dick. The very tip of my glans looked as if I had pressed a blueberry into it.under the skin it was nearly black. Took approximately 6 months off. Went back to a basic Newbie Routine and in addition to Jelq’s, even Manual Stretching seemed to cause the same spot to re-darken. Took another month off and returned to a light pumping routine (3hg for 10min a day). While the bruise isn’t as dark and has lightened is still visible. I’d read Para-Goomba’s “Penis Inventory” prior to starting and I realize that discoloration is a risk. I’ve spent several hours researching “injuries”, “discoloration”, and “bruising” but have to ask, Is this just something I need to roll with or should I stop all together until all signs of bruising are gone? Looking for some advice from those vets with experience. Thanks guys.

I’ll say that you should just do stretches till you don’t bruise anymore .

You can test yourself and see if things are better .

Take care of “pecker” .

Start Sept. 09 BPEL 5.5"

Now Jan. 14 BPEL 6.6" Goal 7.5 "x 6"

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So you can still PE with small bruises? I got a bruise yesterday, but I guess I’ll just be careful, and stop if it’s hurting.

Originally Posted by Prof.Confidence

So you can still PE with small bruises? I got a bruise yesterday, but I guess I’ll just be careful, and stop if it’s hurting.

What happened Prof? Best be cautious…

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by Klayton
What happened Prof? Best be cautious..

I got a small bruise the skin on my shaft. It must have been from some thin blood vessels there, I must have stretched with too much force. I’m returning from a long PE hiatus so I must not be used to V stretches yet. That will change.

I’m still on track, and it’s lightened. It doesn’t hurt. Thanks for the concern.

I think it all depends on what you can take.

This used to happen to me years back, even occurs occasionally

I do light to medium pressure with hard jelq’s and don’t seem to have
any problems. I will only do 10 to 20 reps at a time, no more than 4

This will be in between pumping with other rotations and stretches
accompanied by a hot wash cloth.

I found in the very beginning, discoloration, bruising, and gland spots
would occur. Or if I took a few days to a week off to let my cock
rest and tried too quickly to get back into what I used to do.

I think it’s the same as working out. If you’ve taken 1-2 weeks or longer
off training, you can’t expect to do what you were doing prior to the break.

I start out slow and work back into it.

I’ll usually start with a very basic “newbie” routine for 3 times out of the week
and take it from there.

With this, I don’t have problems.

This is provided you are completely healthy and not taking any medications,
or supplements that could interfere with circulation and blood flow.

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