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Starting out

Starting out

Hey all! I’ve been lurking around on this site for a while and just recently signed up. I’m 22 and from Ontario, Canada, and my NBPEL is just barely 5.5”, and my EG is 4.5”. I started the Newbie Routine about a week ago, and while .5” in length would be just thrilling, I’m really looking forward to packing on some girth. I tried PE a while back, but like a lot of guys, I couldn’t stay consistent with it and therefore didn’t see any gains. Hopefully I won’t be so slack this time around.

I initially was doing it solely for me, as I really just lacked confidence in my size. Since disclosing my “penis issues” with my girlfriend, however, I have a bit more motivation. She tried to assure me that I was a “perfect” size, but in trying to do so, she said a few things (with good intentions mind you) that really didn’t make me feel all that great. So I decided to use it as motivation to stay on track instead of dwelling on it like I normally would.

I really dig this site from everything I’ve read so far, and I’m happy to have found it! Have a good one all!

Welcome to the forum, bob. Good luck and good gains.

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Welcome to the forum, start with the newbie routine and read a lot of threads at Thunders.

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