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Starting out.

Starting out.

Hello, Thunder’s.

I tried PE about 3 years ago, made it to around 2 weeks, until I felt my unit injured. I couldn’t get it up for around 3 days or so, so I got scared and quit.

Just restarted a week ago, taking it much slower, making sure to do the prep work and following the newbie routine. I plan to do this for 6 months.

My starting stats is just shy of 6 BPEL and 5.3 EG. I know I am average (although I’ve had the luck of getting some nice comments in the past), but hey. I want a bigger dick. Because why not? Well.. Actually, there was a motive. This girl at wok (not a romantic interest, just one of those girls that is like another dude, funny and stuff) said at an office meal that “size is relative to the hands”, so she asked me for my thumb, and proceeded to say I had a small dick. Laughs were had. Hell, I laughed. I wanted SO BAD to just tell her, “hey, let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll show you (pretty sure she would have said yes, but she’s a TALL woman and I panicked)”, but I have another plan :P. Hopefully I’ll execute it in 6-12 months. Stupid reason, I know.

Just wanted to say hello, and wish you all the best gains. Hopefully in some years I will be as helpful as you all are.


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