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Starting Out

Starting Out

I’ve been lurking for awhile now and it looks like I am finally going to take the leap. I have been reading and feel comfortable about starting. Going to be giving the newbie routine a try for a few months to see if I see any gains. I am more than content with my length but would love to gain girth more than anything, but hey an extra inch could never hurt right?

I just had a few questions that I would like help with. Where can I get information regarding length measurements and the acronyms used for them. Also a breakdown of how each measurement is done, this way I can track my progress accurately as well as compare it to others to see if my gains are above or below average.

After reading about and testing LOT I have found I have a high LOT, “8-12”. During the routine should I stretch evenly, “up and down, side to side”, or should I put more focus on downward stretches to take advantage of my LOT? Thanks in advance guys.

Check the top right hand corner (FAQ):

Most people here don’t really believe in the LOT theory anymore, myself included. Just work hard, stay consistent, and use plenty of heat! Good luck.

How can you find the newbie routine?
Where is it posted?

Sorry but I am tottaly new and would like to start it.

Originally Posted by ThatOneTwo
How can you find the newbie routine?
Where is it posted?

Sorry but I am tottaly new and would like to start it.

Newbie Routine

Also, try and read as much as you can in the FAQ section (RandomGiant gave you the link to it)

And try not to start before you know what are you doing, you don’t want to give yourself injury.

Thanks House.
I actually did that same thing.
Just I did it in the shower,
So insted of hot wrap I put hot water on it for a while..
Is it as eefective? Or should I use the towel?

Also I did the whole routine in the shower..
So there was a warm temprature.. (As I read in some places.) is it also good?

I feel like the base of my penis is tickling a bit.. Is this normal??

*Sorry I don’t know where else to post.

Most people recommend using a hot wrap over a shower as the penis is not totally covered by the water, where as a damn hot towel will contact the whole surface area.

Tickling a bit is a good thing, means the muscles are stretched out and are repairing.

Starting Jan 09 - BPEL 6.25' EG 4.5' Currently BPEL 6.81' EG 5'

Goal July 09 - BPEL 7' EG 5.25'

Long Term BPEL 7.5' EG 5.5'

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