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Originally Posted by Blackhatbrigade
Size Of Your Balls? (PART TWO)


Originally Posted by iDare
You should go see an endocrinologist, he may test your testosterone level. Your facial hair is not a problem, many guys lack certain sensors on the face. These sensors are responsible for fixing testosterone in the facial hair’s roots, allowing your beard to grow (they will appear in time). No worries, man, check the doc see what he has to say.

Been thinking of doing so. Just didn’t know the type of doc, or exactly how to go about it. *While signing in or calling for appointment*”Yeah, Hi, I have a small penis and it is raising my concerns.” lol. But seriously, how exactly do I go about explaining my issue. Ask if I could get my test levels checked?

Oh, and thanks.

Originally Posted by whyguy

Mine are bigger than quail eggs, but not by much.

LOL. Now I want to get some quail egg to compare. I know it’s around that size.

EDIT: I just measured my balls because of the linked thread above, and it seems I measure about 1.5-2” (I’m assuming take off the skin from the sack it would be about 1.7ish”)

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

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That would place you a lot closer to average than the small you were thinking. And I HOPE you didn’t actually take the skin off the sack :eek:

lol. I took a second measurement, which I checked more closely, and I measured 1.5-1.75. Skin still intact.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"


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