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Starting Out

Starting Out


just found out about the whole PE stuff a few days ago and am eager to try it. I am not 100% bothered about erect length as is 6.5” an extra inch wouldnt be too bad tho, mostly concerned with flaccid length and girth. I’m worried is there any chance any of the beginning exercises like jelqs and stretches would result in loss of length or girth? tried a routine last night but not much time avail in privicy, & in tom hubbard’s diagrams of jelqing technique says after a session the member should appear bigger, mine felt smaller, was i not doing enough?
my LOT is about 7:30, i assume the newbie routine from luvdadus would be appropriate to go for?
What sort of things do u guys use to keep track of how many reps you are doing and the time eg 200 jelqs 15 mins ?

Thanks for help

measured my LOT again as slightly confusing instructions, its more like 8:30 where cant feel pullback. sorry for confusion.


Good technique at the beginning is probably more important that an exact number of repetitions or time spent. Luvdadus’ routine is a good one. He made excellent early progress when he first began.

Since you are just starting out, spend a little time getting the “feel” for stretching and jelqing. For example, with jelqing, experiment with the pressure of your ok grip as you jelq up the shaft and experiment with the duration of your jelq move,i.e. quick 2-second jelq vs a longer 5 to 10-second jelq. Never should there be any pain!

With stretching, apply some powder to your hands to prepare for a better grip. Then make an ok grip below the head of your dick. Squeeze and gently pull your dick outward, using a kind of “pull gently for 2-seconds and relax back for 2-seconds” procedure and keep on repeating. As you continue, you can try to stretch just a little bit more each time but never to any point of discomfort. Don’t be overly aggressive! Experiment with the directions, straight out, left, right, down, etc.

You say that after your routine, your dick seemed smaller. Don’t worry, your dick will not be made smaller by PE’ing. Since you are a newbie, your dick is “expressing” a temporary retraction in response to the new stresses being placed upon it. This used to happen to me after my wetjelqing sessions. To counteract this temporary reaction, I suggest ending up your routine with a few minutes of stretching. This should take care of things for you.

Good luck and much success in making gains,

thanks for the reply hopefully i will be fully started soon and am 100% determined to stay motivated!

I am not sure where the appropriate place to put my first post is. Probably the Newbie forum huh :)

I have been viewing this forum for 3 weeks now. Its funny‚ I was always under the impression that you were stuck with what God gave you. Obviously there must be some truth to PE. The proof is right here.

My concerns: I am 44 years old about to be 45 but looking at me you would say I was 10 years younger. It appears I am Mr. Average- 5.75 x 4.875 erect BP but I look “under average” when flacid (to me anyway). I have been trying to determine if age has anything to do with gains. Most that post here are quite a bit younger than me.

I am happily married for going on 19 years but have always felt like I am not the man I want to be. My lovely wife has never complained and we enjoy a great sex life. To be honest‚ I would like to be bigger for myself. In my head‚ I am not confident socially because of my size. I will support this site once I see some gains! :)

I have been doing the exercises but can’t seem to get a good routine down. I feel bigger on some days but then seem the same on others. I know its early. Is it important to keep an exact program? I have been doing Warm up‚ Stretch‚ Wet Jelq‚ Warm Down maybe 1/2 hour a day. At my age can I expect to see some results?

It seems DLD is a legend. Can DLD’s MOS site help me or should I continue to read Thunder’s great site for information? 50 dollars is a miniscule amount of money to me if this is beneficial. I would be more comfortable with a program geared to my needs. Is this what MOS offers? BTW: My LOT is 7:00 or 6:30 :(

Thanks again for everyones input. I have learned alot these past few weeks.

Hey jiml,

Welcome to the forum.

Three weeks in and no gains yet huh?? Not unusual at all. Stick with your routine for three months and by then you may see gains. Very few guys gain in the first three weeks, a little larger percentage in three months. This stuff takes time and commitment.

If you are having trouble understanding the exercises or want a set routine spelled out, then a paysite might be a good investment for you.

There are a lot more gentlemen of many days here than is apparent. I would guess 30% of the active members are 50 or above. That’s a guess now, so don’t hold me to it.

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Thanks for the welcome Thunder.

Still interested to know if there are any NEWBIES my age or any older members that started PEing at MY age. And if they gained.

Playing with my pecker daily is kinda nice but… would rather let wifey at it if its hopeless. :)

A lot of us started after your age. Some even think us older farts have an easier time gaining. I think our oldest active member now is 81 years old.

Do a search for posts by Boxcar for some inspiration of an edlerly gentleman’s progress. He is in his mid seventies now and still terrorizing the nude beachs I think.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

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