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starting out... fear and loathing

starting out... fear and loathing


i’m new here so seems like the newbie thread is the place to be,

i’ve been reading the threads and such, and theres a whole load of information to take in, but i was wondering if anyone else has similar feelings to me about the whole PE (woo used the acronym!) thing,

i’m finding it difficult to start off, i think in a funny way i’m pretty hesitant cos i dont want to be one of those people who doesnt gain a thing, and i dont want to rip the old chap off trying…

did anyone else have the fear before they started PE’ing?



There are several great posts at the top of the newbie forum to get you started. It works, so stick with it and good luck!

If your head isn’t in the game, you might as well put this project on the shelf for awhile.

It’s a fine balance between being realistic and having expectation of a positive outcome (I believe your thoughts are a major factor).

Give it a go, and for goodness sake go easy. Progressive adaptation is the name of the game, and overdoing will likely hinder your goals.

One last thing that I wish someone had told me before I started is to spend lots of time formulating a standard measuring technique and stick to it (eg. Stand up straight, knees locked, pelvis straight, penis @90degrees). Write it down too, becuase when you start seeing gains you’ll begin to doubt whether you measured properly in the first place. Sounds obvious but honestly, your mind will play the craziest tricks on you, so a written confirmation can be extremely useful for future motivation.

Good luck


You won’t gain unless you find and use your shift key. Please read the forum guidelines, especially this part.


If you have doubts that any of this works, just go to the member pics and take a look. There are plenty of members here that have comparison pics and it more than keeps me on track w/my PE. I’m new here as well(2 months) and believe me it works. It’s not an overnight thing where you jelq & stretch and all of a sudden you are 3” bigger. Stick w/the newbie routine and be consistent w/it and everything will turn out just fine.

BY the way what are your beginning stats.

Write down your beginning measurements and take pics so that you can reference them every month when you measure

Begining Stats 5/25/04 Fl 3.75", fg=4",bpel=5.5",eg=4.5" 6/25/04 Bpfl=4.64",fg=4.68",bpel=6.04",eg=4.95" 2ND MONTH 7/23/04(going out of town)early measurement BPFL=4.75" FG=4.75" BPEL=6.3" EG=5.3" 3rd Month(WOW is all I can SAY) 5.5" BPFL 5.5" FG 6.63" BPEL 6" EG Goal Fl 6.5" Fg 5.75" Bpel 8.5" Eg 6.5"

Use positive visualization.

I started PE one month ago to the day. I measured this morning, after finally noticing that my erect penis looked bigger. To my surprise, I’ve gained 1/2” in erect length (BP) and 1/2” in erect girth. Not bad for a month’s work!

But I have to say, there were times when it was not apparent that I was making any progress, especially after rest days.

My advice: go slow and steady; don’t hurt yourself; stay with the program; read as much as you can about technique. If you don’t see any progress after 3 months, cut your losses and quit.

I certainly had my doubts too (and still have some). But after a months time, I do not believe that PE is bullsh*t. Give it a try. The only real risk is the time you spend.


Originally Posted by hobby
You won’t gain unless you find and use your shift key.

:p I guess it does make the letters bigger, so why not out dicks? :D

Start: 22 Mar 04: 6.5" BPEL x 4.6" EG & 6" head. As at: 1 Jan 05: 7.5" BPEL x 4.8-4.9" EG & 6.3" head.

Re-re-start!: 6 Feb 17: 6.9" BPEL x 4.9" EG & 5.5" head. As of: 23 Feb 17: 7.0" BPEL x 5.0" EG & 6.0" head.

Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

As a recent starter, I can tell you that you’re doing the right thing by reading as much as you can. There is a lot of good advice here, no snake oil, and a lot of supportive people. I lurked for a few weeks before I started jelqing & stretching. As others have said, go slowly. I overworked myself during my second week and ended up taking a week off.

Start 6/13/04: 6.0 BPEL x 5.125 EG (midshaft) Current 10/17/04: 6.938 BPEL x 5.625 EG (midshaft) Come on 7! Disclaimer: I'm not an advanced member, but my member is advancing. ;)

Originally Posted by wilberforce
and i dont want to rip the old chap off trying…

He’s stuck on there pretty good, believe me. :)

Well, someone asked for beginning stats,

FL: 3.75”

EL: 6”

I guess I’m “shockingly average” but as many people know, it only takes one encounter with a particularly critical size queen to give someone a MASSIVE complex. I suppose thats why I’m here, a bad experience that I never really got through, yadda yadda yadda, excuses are like assholes, right?

Thanks for the replies,


Originally Posted by hobby
You won’t gain unless you find and use your shift key. Thanks.

What’s with this perfect spelling, grammar and capitalization baloney?


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