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Starting newbie routine.

Starting newbie routine.

I never really stuck to this routine when I first found this site. I would always do it for a day or two, then stop, never really sure what I was doing. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally decided to see this through and did my 1st session last night. I was planning on doing 1 day on, 1 day off for the 1st week, just to get my penis used to the workout, or would it be better if I went right into the 2 days on, 1 day off?

As for my jelq’s, I overhand OK grip with my left, while holding back the skin around my penis with my right. I don’t switch hands while jelqing, I just go back to the base and start again with my left. I sort of have quite a bit of extra skin connecting from my sac to my penis, it almost goes as far as the foreskin, so to give you an idea, if I stretch my penis outwards while flaccid, it looks like I have this wing underneth. It kinda bugs me but it’s not as noticeable when erect. Point is, it makes it hard for me to grip my penis at the base with my other hand, just wondering if what I’m doing is alright. Should I consider doing a kegel after I let go with my left to start the next jelq?

As for the routine itself;

5min heat wrap
5min stretches (30 sec in each direction, 2 sets)
40 jelqs (was planning on starting with a low number than increase it by 5 each session to avoid overworking)
5min heat wrap
50 kegels (5 second holds)

As for my PI’s, they were all positive. So, should I stick with my routine for now, or maybe add more jelqs and try 2 days on 1 day rest. I want to see gains, but I also don’t want to overwork my penis.

Any feedback will help, thanks.

See how this week goes, without changing anything. If the next week you feel that a 2 on /1 off is best for you, go for it, without changing anything again. On the 3d week start adding 1 minute stretching and 10-20 jelqs every week, still monitoring your PI’s.

Basically, a PE routine has three parameters: intensity, time and frequency. A good rule would be : never raising two of these paramaters at the same time: if you think you are underworking, raise a bit freqency OR time OR intensity.

Good luck!

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