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Starting good

Starting good

Hello, I’m newbie.after my second jelqing exercise I notice a pumped vein in the right side near the base of the the top of the shaft I notice a 5mm part of a vein a bit darker, like a dark dot, what it can be? .Naturally I stop doing PE exercise for now.can I restart PE exercise after the complete healing without any problems? Maybe by doing PE exercise a little less harder than the first time :p

Hi Shagrath. I think you solved your own problem by stating that the next time you will go easier.

Thunder’s has a wealth of information, read and read some more. Remember one thing, this isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, listen to your penis, its already told you that you did something wrong, by the darkened spots. Yes, once this is healed you can once again do the exercises. Repeat after me: I have one penis, I will not hurt it. Injuries slow you down in the quest for a bigger unit.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I have one penis, I will not hurt it.

Thanks for the answer sunshinekid.
Can you talk me about the darkened spots? I’ve to worry? That is not thrombosed vein?
Pls understand me, I feel a bit worried..

Another thing, my unit now seem to be more larger than before, is this possible only by 2time stretch ‘n jelqing exercise?

The darkened spots are most likely burst calories (tiny blood vessels next to the skin). A thrombosed vein from my understanding hurts like hell. Maybe one of the guys can chime in on a thrombosed vein, or use the search function and use the key words thrombosed and vein.

Just as a courtesy, its please, not pls. We frown on chat speak, and I know that English isn’t your first language, try really hard not to use chat speak ok?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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