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Starting edging and reverse kegals

Starting edging and reverse kegals

Hi, I’m new to this forum! I wanted to share a brief history about my PE (premature ejaculation, not penis enlargement lol)
When I was younger and started having sex, I was fine, I could last for hours. Since I turned about 18, I’ve had problems with PE.
With my ex-girlfriend, who I was with when I was 19, I experienced PE with her for a while, and then eventually it got a bit better,
But I was still experiencing PE sometimes, but not as bad as before.
After I stopped seeing her, when I was 20, I started sleeping with random women, and again same issues, but surprisingly after we broke up it was not too bad for a bit.
(We’re talking from 10 - 15 seconds that I used to get, to 5 minutes. And there was this one case with a girl that I just couldn’t ejaculate lol)
Anyways, eventually, after my birthday when I turned 21, I got so busy with school and work, I haven’t had time to meet anyone within this last year.
I’m 22 now and noticed my habits with masturbation were definitely what caused this and was continuing to cause PE, so I did some research
And a few days ago I started Kegel/Reverse Kegel exercises and Edging. I went from a 5 minute session to a 35 minute session within a few days.
During the edging session today, I didn’t approach PONR until about 15 minutes in, and then I Reverse Kegel’ed and continued on to the 35 minute with about 4-5 more
Approaches to PONR in which I slowed down and Reverse Kegel’ed and finally some came out (which I didn’t want to happen so it felt as if it were premature; the fact that I couldn’t control it
Any longer at the 35th minute). My question to the people that have experience with Edging and Kegel exercise,
Does it seem like I’m doing this right? And is it normal during a Edging session to ejaculate after about 5 approaches to PONR?
(I wish I could have made it last longer and also have over-all control of when I ejaculate.. =/ I guess practice makes perfect) *sigh*

Thanks in advance to any potential advice. :-P
(I hope it’s cool to talk about other stuff other than Penis Enlargement here.)

I don’t know, I wouldn’t cum at all honestly. Go three days without cumming at a time for a three or four month period you’ll fix your premature ejaculation if you believe you’ve fixed it and can control your anxiety when your about to get inside of her.

Reject the basic assumptions of civilizations, especially the importance of material possessions.

Ok, thanks for the advice! It seems as logical as possible to me. =)

I’m on day 2 already without ejaculation and I can tell you my balls feel so blue that I can’t sit straight. Hahaaa! Anyways today I did an Edging session for 50-minutes without ejaculation and approached the “Point of No Return” by 15-20 minute point. =)

I was reading somewhere where someone had a very serious case of Premature Ejaculation. He noticed this because when he started urinating he couldn’t stop it by Kegeling. My case has never been like that before, I’m fine when I do Kegels to stop the flow of urination, or just as an exercise. The involuntary kegel which causes my Premature Ejaculation and many others, shows me though that it could use strength training. I mean there’s always fluke times where it doesn’t involuntarily Kegel but anyways, recently things seemed to be getting better so I’m happy that progress is being made (its only been a few days and it seems like I’m progressing.. Or it could just be my more positive mentality towards it as well.).

I was wondering, maybe if I work on my Reverse Kegel more-so than my Kegel, it would help out my specific case even more. Possibly, doing more Reverse Kegel than regular Kegals (but obviously still implementing regular Kegals in my exercise routine) will help prolong my “Point of No Return” during sex or edging, which thus helps with my Premature Ejaculation.

Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by mrdolo
Or it could just be my more positive mentality towards it as well.

I think this is the answer towards many of the problems surrounding this situation.

As for the rest of the questions I’m sure you can find your search feature useful.

Reject the basic assumptions of civilizations, especially the importance of material possessions.

Thanks man, your help is much appreciated.

I did some research and I guess what I said was pretty much exactly what I should do;

Also your suggestion in your first post seems to be doing the trick, it’s tough but.. "Mind over matter” =)

Thanks again man, cheers!

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