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Starting Clamping

Starting Clamping

Been jelqing for about 6 weeks now and wanna start clamping.

I know you’re sporsed to wait much longer. But would it be okay if i just eased into it really slowly? Last night I did two sets of clamping (erect) each for just two minutes and had no problems. The veins on my penis are generally pretty exposed and this short clamp session made them bulg out pretty crazy, cool sensation though.

Would it be safe to start like this and slowly increase the sets/TUC each day?


I cannot really advice but most experience members seem to advice for much longer periods of newbie routines to get your penis used to the “abuse”. I did stretching and jelqing exercises about 1 year and have just started clamping. Starting slow with 3 X 10 minutes, 5 days on, 2 days off.

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Even if you are easing into it, 6 weeks may be too soon for clamping. Why not see how much you gain from the newbie routine before resorting to more advanced exercises? According to your stats you have already made good progress so why not stick with what you are doing until your gains stall? Just my 0.02

You probably should wait longer and go with the newbie routine but I’ve read sites that include small couple minute sessions of manual clamping with your fingers in the ok sign so if you really want to I guess start out with that.

Not such a good idea, mate. I understand the temptation, but you really should give the basic stuff a chance first. It is more than just toughing up your shaft skin. You have to litterally train your veins to stand up to the kind of pressure clamping puts on them. I know you will probably still clamp, whether you tell us or not, so, when you do:

Follow all the good advice in the multitude of clamping threads posted in this forum. One clamp, at the base, 10 minutes maximum sets, wrap properly, and use the plastic clamps, not the automotive ones.

Good luck

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Thanks guys. After analysing my reasoning for wanting to start clamping I suppose its really because I’m just lazy, which is not a good reason.

Last night I tried 2 sets of 3 minutes and that seemed quite intense, so in part I am going to stick to your advice and continue to jelq, but I will also continue to do two 3 minute sets every second day, seeing as that didn’t seem to cause any problems, and it couldn’t hurt right?

I will not be increasing the length or number of sets for a while.

I’ve started reading your epic clamping thread Big Girtha, its gonna take me a while to get through but looks like its full of good info. Thanks! :)

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