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Starting at 19cm7.5x13cm5.1

Starting at 19cm7.5x13cm5.1

Any suggestions how much I should aim for? Can I get girth only? I feel that I had the length but never enough girth.

When I was younger I measured 19.5cm but lost a little length and quality over the years, not sure about girth. Honestly I think I’m heading towards ED as it is right now :(
One extra inch say 8.5x6 would be quite nice but is it possible?

It’s up to you to make it possible and how much you should aim for.

If you haven’t done any PE before you need to read and learn, and yeah there are techniques to increase girth. The newbie routine might give both lengt and girth, remember to take it slow.
And to do your kegels for better erection quality, might help your ED problems! :)

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

And welcome bro.

Well having looked like some of the results most guys seem to have increased a few decimals in girth, whomever it could be due to the fact most guys here focus on length. I read some of the guides and looking forward to start.

Good to hear. You need to get your dick used to “easy” exercises and then you can try some more advanced ones for girth because they might be dangerous.

Good luck on gaining.

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