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Starting and hoping for the best

Starting and hoping for the best

Hi Guys,

Like so many others, I was sure that I was stuck with a penis that I felt wasn’t big enough. I am reading as much as I can so that I will start my PE with a good knowledge of what I am going to undertake.
My measurements are:

BPSFL – 5.5
FG – 5.0

ELBP – 5.5
EG – 6.0

My Goals are:

ELBP – 8.0
EG – 6.5

In my reading I have not read anything about age and the effects of PE. On a few of the threads that I have read that include ages, they seem to be in 20’s to 30’s. It makes sense to me that a younger guy will have more benefits from PE due to the fact that they are still growing. I am 45, not out of my prime yet (I think) but I am not growing like I did in my mid 20’s either. How many members have made gains at this age?
I have started jelqing and stretching in moderation.
5-10 minutes Jelq (about 200-250)
5-10 stretching (manual now but I am looking at hanging)
both are done as time allows.
Any tips are welcome.

Hey DC,

Good luck on your mission, be patient, be consistent, don’t give up. I think your jelquing might need work. It should take about 15 - 20 minutes for 200 - 250 jelqs. You need to go slowly and deliberately on those.


Don’t forget about the hot wrap at least 5min before and after (I like doing 10 min with a rice sock). The heat loosen the area tissues and creates circulation to maximize workouts.

Don’t forget to have fun! :thumbs:

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Welcome to the board dcangerous!

Check out this poll on members’ ages. There are some members here that are your age and have made incredible gains, so I don’t see why age would be a negative factor in PE. Just keep in mind that PE is a long term project, and it takes hard work and dedication to see gains.

Keep on reading and good luck! :)

There have been posts about age and PE, but they’re buried in other threads. Lucky for you the consensus is that younger guys have more difficulty with gains because their tissues are so elastic and want to retain their shape. Older fellows seem to have it a bit easier because of the loss of elasticity in their penile tissues. At least that’s my recollection of the discussions.

Welcome aboard!

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Many of the members here are near your age or older and have made substantial gains. For myself, it’s been 2 plus inches in both length and girth and still growing. Begin slow and gradually increase intensity and time. Keep variety in your routines over the longterm, and it will happen for you. You’re at least already starting with good girth, so much of your efforts will be going toward additional length. Good luck.



Welcome to the forum.

6” EG! Nice, that’s what most of us aspire to and your already there. Plus girth gains seem to be the hardest to achieve for most of us.

I’m 44 and have been PEing for about 6 months or so, fairly steadily. I’ve gained almost 3/4” in ELBP and 1/4” EGMS.

Like SuperStroker mentioned this is a long term project, not 4-8 weeks like those paysites and pill ads claim.

Consistency, dedication and patience. Some make gains from the start, others don’t see changes for several months. I’ve been a slow but steady gainer so far. But it took a while in the beginning.

Give yourself at least 3 months before making judgment. It’s good you’re starting out easy (safety first) some people make great gains with not much time spent each day. Others seem to need to invest an hour or two daily to find payoff. Experiment.

Good luck.

In PE for the long haul

Hey All,

Thanks SO Much for the tips and encouragement. Like I said in my original post, I have done alot of reading and I think the first thing that I realized was the time commitment. I plan on staying with this for at least a year and if my gains are as visible, I will continue until I reach my goal. Once there, Well, I don’t know. Probably I’ll just do PE to maintain/cement my gains. What do those of you that have reached goals do?


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Well most people that have come to there goals either continue on a maintenance schedule, or continue there PEing.

Maintenance schedules are so that you keep a nice firm erection, and keep all of your gains.

Some continue because they make new goals for themselves, for many reasons.

Good luck to you in hitting your own goals!


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