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Starting Again...

Starting Again...

Good day gents

I haven’t been active at thunders for quite some time (about 2 months), because would you believe it: I lost all interest in PEing! Yes, I know its sinful, but after screwing a number of escorts and hookers, I was led to believe that my stungun was actually quite impressive. Then it dawned upon my primitive mind that I had become complacent with an actually quite inadequate cock. I realised that all those whores who moaned and writhed at my every move were probably blowing smoke up my crack… leading to conclude that my cock maybe isn’t that large. That’s why I’m back- back here to fight the good fight- back here to grow cock.

Only problem is, I’m in need of motivation- I’m counting on you guys to share some inspirational words so that my ass can be kicked back into the PEing game. My biggest problem is that I tend to lose interest in projects and shit which I set out to do over the long term- help me make this PE thing a long term project! PLEASE!!

Anway, nice to be back here, and happy cock-growing.

Penis Enlargement will make you god-like?

I have a friend who is fucking huge! I’m not sure what his exact measurements are but he gets all the hoes and men envy him! I look up to him and I want to be huge just like him! If you PE you will be a diety! :D

hehe That is somewhat how I think Imperator. I’ve played a lot of roleplaying games, and if you work long and hard enough at them, you can become so powerful that you are about equal to a demi-god. To actualy make it to full god status is farther then I have made it before. You’d have to basicaly achieve immortality as a demi god, then build up over time, and a lot of the power itself seems to come from the act of others worshipping you. Also because you are so powerful others are constantly after you, just as you are always challenging others of your strength to attain more power. Infact anyone at that level isn’t in it for good or any notion like that, but the sheer ambition for more power. That is why I am mainly going for a demi-god level rating of personal ability and power. After that I could see about going for the full god status, but that takes guts.

I mean think of aphrodite in the hercules shows. She is insanely well endowed, but also she can turn mere mortals into quivering masses of flesh, lost in orgasmic overload. She can make any mortal man do her bidding, and possibly every woman. Only someone with godlike or at minimum demi-god like seduction powers can not be immediately overwhelmed by her. The demi-god’s powers of seduction and creating lust, could keep her off guard enough that she is scared to just outright control this creature whose powers are so strong that she is starting to feel love herself. Of course her effects on it are much greater, but it is clear he isn’t the pure mindless slave that mortals are to her. Some of these demi-gods of love have become twisted themselves. Both physically and mentally. Some having the phalluses of a donkey like creature, but having other aspects of their body transformed to that of a donkey as well, like growing hooves. Other people tried to attain the power and made it part way, then being consumed by the forces they themselves had unleashed, like a succubus.

I often find myself realizing that for me the pursuit of the game itself is the goal. For example achieving such romantic powers that I could have 10 wives simultaneously, I would find myself using those powers to chase a woman of even greater understanding of sexuality and love then myself. And when I had reached or surpassed her I would be finding ways and working to meet the next before unatainable lover, at this point a lover whose mere eye contact would make grown men quiver and lose their train of thoughts altogether. After this I may find myself beginning to enter the realm of the lower demi god women. Maybe an immortal woman, who even as powerful in the game of love as I had become I could only be with her as one of her lovers. At this point I could go back to the normal lands I came from, and have 10 now beautiful wives, or try to stay with this immortal woman and try catch up with her in power, knowing all the time I am playing a dangerous game and could be permanently enslaved by her power at any time. A tough choice but if I know myself I would choose the latter.

Ezekiel 23

20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

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