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Starting again

Starting again

Hi all,
I’m going to start again, probably with the modified newbie routine. The reason for this is because it is shorter, and because I have bad EQ, I figure the erection I can achieve won’t disappear before I complete the session.
I believe porn has had a negative effect, so I’ll be cutting this out. I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime so I’m sure it won’t hurt. The only problem is, I need it to get better EQ, so it’s catch 22. Thoughts anyone?

I noticed when erect the other day that a decent long kegel made the glans swell. No surprise there, but after 3 of those my concentration was lost. I’m not sure whether I was somehow reverse kegeling, and therefore adding to the decreasing erection?

Any thoughts you all might have on how to counter the catch 22 with porn, and whether some clamping during the day to get some blood into the penis is a good idea early on would be really appreciated. My penis right now feels somewhat lifeless when flaccid, and I think the lack of decent EQ is leading to a lacking libido in me, because psychologically, I know it will take all my concentration to keep an erection to masturbate for example, so I simply don’t bother.

I’m 6” BPEL, and 4.5” EG. My Ideal short term goal is to firm up existing size with better erections, then move on to better flaccid hang, then better length and girth. A 1/2” on both would be a great short term goal.

Thanks, and I’ll post up my progress.

I think the newbie routine should help a lot with your EQ. I would suggest that you DO NOT start clamping until you have conditioned your penis. If you start clamping now you will most likely hurt your EQ even more.

You have very realistic goals and they most likely can be achieved with the newbie routine alone.

Stay consistent and make sure you do not over train. Over training will be worst enemy if your initial goal is to increase your EQ.

Work hard and keep us posted.

Good luck.

I think I may need to resort to porn to get the routine started. Today’s routine consisted of 4 x20 sec stretches and 20 wet jelqs and 15 dry, but eq was lacking to maintain 50% or so erect level. I’ll do 50 kegels tonight so that is a light start. Think I prefer dry jelqs, and might use a 2 handed grip like holding a sandwich.

Also, when guys stealth jelq I assume they are not warming up to do it when in bed with their partner, so is the natural warmth of being under a duvet for hours sufficient?

Congrats on getting back in the game. You’re smart for taking things easy in the beginning despite having been at this before.. The penis still needs to be conditioned so it’s good you recognize that.

I think porn is fine in limited amounts. Use it sparingly. I’m not sure what you meant by negative effects, but I think pics are generally psychologically healthier than video — that’s just me.

I recently started back up again too, and I only masturbate once a week. That’s the only time I look at porn, and I don’t feel like it’s changing me for the worse in any way because I know I’ve got a handle on things.

Good luck!

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