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Starting Again

Starting Again

Hi everyone, just wanted to write my first thread on here. So here goes.

I started PE in December 07 but I think I was a bit over enthusiastic as I started to get the Newbie Spots, it was only 2 of them so I had a couple of days off and they seemed to disappear or at least fade significantly. When I started up again the spots came back but much worse it was almost like a little birthmark. I carried on for a couple of days and it didn’t seem to get any better or any worse. I decided to stop altogether until they had gone, this took about three weeks and about two weeks ago I started back up.

I can already feel the difference.

My starting stats were:- BPEL:6.8” EG 4.8”
My stats now after about 2 weeks are:-BPEL 7” EG 5”
My long term goal is 8x6 as is pretty much everyones.

No pictures as yet but will try and post some soon.

I have also been looking at other pictures of same size ‘units’ and they all look lots bigger than mine. I know I’m measuring correctly it must just be body dis-morphia.

Any advice on getting to the magical 8x6 would be greatly appreciated.


Starting stats: BPEL 6.9". EG 4 3/4". Now: BPEL 7.5". EG 4 3/4 Goal: BPEL 8". EG 6"

A huge amount of time and dedication :)

Past: 5-5.5" BPEL x 4.5" GIRTH

Present: 7.55" BPEL x 5.55" GIRTH (1 year progress)

Future: 8-9" BPEL x 6" GIRTH

Good luck this time around westy.

Search the site and learn, consistency and flexibility in seeing what works for you. Good luck on your goal.

Wish you luck there buddy !

Right, sorry to necro bump this thread but this time I really am starting again!! After a few years off I decided that this year would be the one where I actually stuck to a routine.

I figured out that I could get up just that little bit earlier and get it all cracked before I went to work. I’m now 2 and a bit months in and things are going well. I’ve increased my length from just under 7” to just about 7.5”.

My routine is fairly minimal at the moment of 1 day on 1 day off and consists of
1, 5 minute warm up
2, 200 wet jelqs in sets of 50
As you can see I’m doing no stretching at all except for some piss-pulls!

I think my last measurements before the long layoff were straight after a workout which explains why my girth is now almost 1/4” smaller! (I measure now at night time on my off day)

I just hope I can keep this consistent gaining going until I reach 8”.

I’m also thinking of moving onto other exercises. Either by getting a pump or an ADS type extender. Has anyone got any recommendations?

Starting stats: BPEL 6.9". EG 4 3/4". Now: BPEL 7.5". EG 4 3/4 Goal: BPEL 8". EG 6"

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