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Starting Again.maybe with pumping

Starting Again.maybe with pumping

I tried this a number of years back and worked at it for almost six months before suffering a suspected thrombosed vein near the beginning of my foreskin. I didn’t have any significant results during this time (which was frustrating) beyond a much harder ‘stronger’ penis. I’ve tried on and off to both fix this injury and start again. It has never gone away. However, during the time since my penis injury, I incurred a shoulder injury while weight lifting. It has never gone away either but I have learned to work around it and begin lifting again. I hope to apply what I have learned to PE. Go slower than needed, listen to my body, stop mid-workout if there’s even a question.and try a few new things in my routine.

Here’s where I have a question. I’ve always been interested in more girth (starting and currently 7x5). In again reading pumping 101, I am wondering if the addition of light pumping to the newbie routine is safe and appropriate for my purposes. I made it significantly beyond that point in my first foray but intend to restart entirely, with this possible addition. Is it safe? Is it worthwhile?

This has probably all been asked before, but I think one of my biggest mistakes the first time I tried, was to not really get plugged into this community and amazing resource. Here’s to correcting that. Thanks to all.

After years of pumping using high pressure, I have sworn off that technique and now use low pressure and am getting the best results ever. The pressure I now use is only 3 to 3.5”hg and I pump for 3 or 4 10 minutes sets with massage in between sets.

I would suggest for just starting out, using the same pressure but just do one 10 minute set and as you get used to it, slowly start adding more sets until you get to 3 or 4. Also, I always enter the tube erect for my best result.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I was definitely considering something more along the lines of your recommendation. Thanks for laying out some pretty specific guidelines. Would you say that it’s beneficial to pump pre-jelq? It sounds like the two techniques in conjunction can possibly yield permanent girth gains quite effectively and safely as compared to some possibly higher risk exercises. Some additional information.I’ve been using dry jelqs as both my own anatomy is conducive to it and it suits my purposes.

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