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Started may 18 2008, no gains : Done with newbie routine


Hi, I have merged your two threads:

  • Done with newbie routing need help.
  • Started may 18 2008, no gains :

Guys will be able to offer more help if the pertinent information is all in one place.

You have been doing PE for three months with no gains? Well that is sucky but not all that uncommon. The guys have been giving you good advice, even when it might sound a bit contradictory, ( You are doing to much/ not enough. :rolleyes: )

Originally Posted by Stuntman314
I have not lost hope in PE but I feel as if I need some advice or a better routine…

Please help me out as I want to gain as much as I can before the day comes that I get my lengthening/dermal graft surgery (Which gives me 2 years).

While I am anti getting ones penis cut open under any circumstances I applaud your time table.

Originally Posted by Stuntman314
my BPEL is exactly 6”, and my EG is 4.75”.

If you are 8X6 two years from now would you still have surgery?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I personally think surgery would be a ridiculous option. Very costly and risky, just not something you want to do. Some people don’t even have 6” to begin with. I’m in the process of working myself up to 6”. I started with just over 5” NBPEL and am now up to 5.8” after about 5 months. I jelq almost everyday for about ten minutes and manual stretch for about 10 minutes each day as well. Be sure to incorporate stretching in your routine. I, like you, did not really see any erect gains with just jelqing alone. In early 2007 I had tried the newbie routine for 3 months and saw little to no gains. However, I decided to start PEing again in March of this year and have had what I feel are great results so far, almost an inch in 5 months! I’ve have an increase of about .2 inches in EG although I don’t do any girth exercises besides jelqing.


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