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Started again

Started again

Hii there I just started again doing PE.
I made a routine perfect for the time I have.

But I have a vieuw questions, when I do manuel steching straight down and down right, down left its like my the right side of my ligaments are really burning. Left side doesnt feel this burn. Has anyone an idea what I can do about this?

Second question after my stretch and jelq routine should I see direct result for the next our ore something. Normally I have a bigger flaccid after my routine but not much more girth or lenght, so the question should I see result in lenght or girth direcly after my routine.

I know I won’t get direct permanent result but I just mean for the first 2 ours after my routine.

Sorry for my bad english!

Hey there.
When you say burning, what kind of burning is it? Can you be more specific?
You should feel STRETCHING, like a pulling on the ligaments, have you ever stretched your arms/hamstrings for an extended period of time?
There is a bit of a burn, but in my personal opinion when you’re stretching if it hurts too much you may be putting too much pressure on the stretch.
But that is how I do my stretching routine, I want to feel the stretch, but also be comfortable.
It’s entirely possible that your right side is just tighter than your left. And that can be something you work on.

After you jeql, your penis should be a little engorged and meaty (as you just spent time continuously pushing blood through it).
For stretching, in my personal experience the blood tends to leave my dick while I’m pulling on the ligaments.
As far as flaccid increase in length/girth that really depends on your own dick.
For instance, I find that if I’ve overworked my dick, it tends to turtle up right after a session of P.E, even after a hotwrap. If my dick feels like it’s “not at 100%” I lay off P.E for a couple days, sometimes a week until I think my junk is ready to rock again.

Just gainin one step at a time.

Running a marathon here, not a sprint.

Yes is streched muscles before and I strecged my ligs before but just wondering if the difference could come from sone kind of injurie ill pull less hard the next time but I feel he burning pain pretty fast. Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for the tip to see if your jelqing to hard, I get red dots verry fast so this could help me seeing if I overdo thank you!

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