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Hi guys,

I will start PE with jelqing. I am a little bit more than 15cm long, and 12cm girth. I would like to gain say 2cm long and 1 cm girth.

Also, I have a left curvature, which I would like to diminish.

I have read a bit and would like your advices. Basically I think starting a 2-1 routine, as follows:

1. 5mns warmup

2. 10mns stretching

3. 20mns jelqing; dry and softly; I don’t want to be injured. 2x right, 1x left, to improve on the curvature.

4. Finish probably with masturbation.

What additional tips would you give me?

Do you think I can expect results in the coming month or two?


Looks good to me. Take it easy and be true to you exercises. Talk to me on Private messages if you want advices.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

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That’s a lot of jelqing straight away. Work up from a lower number and see how it goes. Ramp up to 20 minutes as your PIs dictate.

Other than that, those gains are achievable. Removing the curvature completely may not be possible but you could see “improvements.” Good luck!

Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments!

I have been continuing with the basic routine; increasing the # of jeqs progressively, +10 every 2 days.

So far I haven’t noticed any increase, which I think is normal given the short time period. However I already feel better EQ.

Goal is to incease both directions. So I was wondering if I could add a 5mns clamping at the end of my session, with 1mn increase up to 10mns. Or do you think this is too much? Maybe I should continue the current routine for say 3-4 months and then switch?

Again I am following the 2on/1off strategy, with 10mns warm up, 10mns stretching, 15-20mns jelqing, and 5mns cold down.

Thanks a lot!

I am new to PE as well, but it is pretty unanimous across the boards that most people should not start clamping until they have had at least 3 months of steady jelqing. Good luck.

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