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Hey guys. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a week now. It’s great. I’m starting to see new veins pop up almost daily and my EQ has gone through the roof.

Current stats NBP 7.5x6.75-7 BP 8.133x6.75-7

End of year goals NBP 8x7 BP 8.7x7

That’s what it’s all about jay. Keep up the good work.

Start (aug '09) 6x5

Current [(AUG'10) 7 x 5.25] [(OCT'10) 7.25 x 5.3] [(OCT'12) 7.5 x 5.5]

Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

Thanks It was helpful for me.


Welcome to the forum.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.



I need advice. I just started the newbie linear routine little more then a week ago.

I seem to get a full erection after doing 3 jelqs. Masturbation does not help

I have not seen any porn in 2 weeks. A 20 minute routine takes up to an hour.

What can I do?

Wow. I messed up for life after seeing that.

I might have to stare at that during my routine which is so wrong.

Shower + Pumping + soap = a successful routin but a very dried penis. Not advisable result took several weeks when the soap dried out my dick enough that it had a slight skin peeling. Remember to use better lube!

ThunderSS says,”And dangerous. You might go blind.”
When can I access the site in braille?

>When can I access the site in braille?<

When you buy a Braille terminal. Do you need links?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Wrong Thread. Sorry.

Can you jelq striaght out/foward and still gain?

I been jelq downward

I have been doing the newbie routine for 2months and my gains had stop.

What should I do?

I have been doing just jelq.


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