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Thanks! I am starting today with the newbie routine. Wish me luck :)


Hey.. I wish I could handle it.. Pretty good.

How long is one supposed to do the newbie routine for?


Thank you.It’s really helpful.

Thanks Thunder,

I like the site a lot! It’s great you are doing this. I can’t wait to get bigger.

There is a lot to learn here.

This is going to be great fun I think.

Getting back in the game myself, haven’t looked into this in years now.

Today I started with (have my own names for some things):

Hot towel

Star stretching: laying flat on my back, stretching penis toward my head.12 o’clock, then between 1 and 2, then 3, between 4 and 5, then 6, and so on back to 12, then up towards the sky. 30 secs each while doing kegals (1 sec clenches), between each stretch I take a 9 sec break, instead of releasing the stretch I maintain it and make complete circles around the clock while holding a kegal.

Hot towel

35s BTC stretching: I get on one knee and stretch with the opposite hand for 35 seconds (if on left knee, use right hand). Once I stop feeling it, I bend over using free hand to steady myself while stretching (if on left knee, left hand on floor when bent over, right hand pulling) I try to focus the tension on the shaft

10 min dry jelq

Hot towel

20-30 min wet jelq (mix with squeezes).sometimes more.just something about seeing the veins pop out like that make me love this..

BTC stretching the normal way, 5 mins holds

Hot towel

Then I do a loose wrap thats just tight enough to keep my penis stretch for a few hrs. Now I just got the bands to do ads, thinking of doing that instead but I don’t know how much stress I will add. So I guess I’m asking exp people what do they think?

And here is something for everyone to get if no one here mention it. I have an htc cell, I download an app called “mobile kegals”. You can add your own exercises but it come with 4. You can set it to do 30 clenches, 12 sec each, relax for 8 secs between each clench. It will tell you when to clench and release by speaking or vibrating. I use it for kegal and counting reps for other exercises.

Oh, a few things I should explain, I’m not a true newbie. I started back in 08. The gf at that time step out on me to a bigger dick. Looking for ways to get larger I found thunder. I learn the newbie routine, got some length and a lot of girth and was happy. I was to scare to attach anything to my dick so it was easy to move on. But since then I’ve been doing jelqing at least once a wk for an hour seriously but I was always doing some type of jelqing just about every other day. You know when you learn something good you don’t forget, well instead of me laying back like AL BUNDY just tugging at my dick, I would be dry jelqing and not even realize it till my now gf say something. She’s always asking what was I doing, but I like to keep it my secret to my frat.

Anyway, I’m back because I want to see more when I’m sexin, and video. I’m 6.25 erect, 4.25 f, 5.75 erect girth, 5.25 fg.I’m looking to gain 1.75 in length and 1.0 in grith.I got the capt wench, used it a few times but don’t have the privacy to go all out. I’ve hung 3lbs at most.

Gone too Long

Man oh man! I became a member in 2006 and began doing this for a couple of months. I should have never stopped and I would probably be 10 inches by now. Glad to be back!

I am from PE GYM, I have not gotten very many responses over there so I am going to try this forum out. I have been a member of PE gym and practicing PE since 2008, however I personally have seen no gains. It is probably due to my off and on status and not keeping up with it. So I am trying again! Thanks for all the helpful info!

Just joined with no PE experience whatsoever. I’ve been and still am reading through all the links provided in the first post. Thanks for putting this thread together, it’s answered a lot of questions that I initially had and then some. It’s a great service you’re doing for men everywhere, I’m looking forward to providing some positive feedback once I get up and started.

Started the routine two days ago, and I hope to be seeing results within the next six weeks!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

This has been great and resourceful!; let the journey and rewards of PE begin!

I quite surprised that there’s such a forum like this one. God, this forum is very2 great..

I also started my PE exercise on july 12th.. Hope in the end of my training routine, only best result will I have..

Cheers you all


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