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Standing vs. sitting measurement.

Standing vs. sitting measurement.

Has anyone else noticed a difference between measuring standing vs. sitting.

Sitting I measure 6 1/2” bpel and standing I measure 6 7/8” even though I`m only 3/4 erect.

Yes, there is a ton of threads about this on the forum. Do a search and you’ll find your answer :) .

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Yeah I just made a thread on this too. A lot of people get a slight difference.

Wow. I’ve never seen standing EL longer than sitting EL. For me sitting down gives about 0.25” more in length and lying down gives around 0.5” more. Guess I’m born to be lazy? :)

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I think it might be that I only get really hard with my wife and I`m not going to pull a tape out while we`re together. The types of erection I get while doing PE diminishes slightly when I go to measure, so maybe that`s what is going on……though you would think that it would effect my standing measurement also.

Another thought I had was that maybe the final 10% of my erection absorbs some of the length because of girthing. any ideas?

I think there is a difference.

I find the best way to measure bpel is laying down with my dick pointing straight up 90 deg.

I measured while clamping today and reached 6 7/8” while sitting and I had released the clamp tension somewhat.

It`s funny, 7” doesn`t seem that big now.

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