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Standing or sitting

Standing or sitting

Which has a better result on PE standing jelq or sitting jelq?

I am usually standing in the shower… but I’m a newbie too.

I like it standing as well

Whichever position you find the most comfortable will be the one to give better results because you’ll be more likely to finish your routine. In an uncomfortable position, you might quit sooner than you would in the other position. I sit because it’s more comfortable. It works no matter what position you’re in. Do what feels best.

I stand most of the time, but I will sit down once in a while.

As a single male in my own place, I can usually do it wherever I please.

This usually tends to be at my desk, on a comfy office chair as I surf the web or read Thunder’s.

Hence right now, I am sitting here with a rice sock on my base as I perform manual stretches for about 30 min.

I am more comfortable doing PE whilst standing.

I do it both standing and sitting. When I get bored of sitting, I stand up, and vice versa.

I have a little meditation corner with a pillow to sit on, I have a towel over this pillow so I don’t get any bum sweat or lube on the pillow, I use this as my jelqing domain. For stretches I stand, sit, or lay on my bed. For hanging I sit at my computer.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I’m a little weird, I alternate standing and sitting in my sessions.

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