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Hey guys I recently started up on the newbie routine and gained a quarter inch after a month and a half (could of just been an EQ increase). After my first quarter inch I got a little ahead of myself and started doing really long sessions in the morning and sometimes at night. I also cut out my rest days. I measured again today and haven’t gained a thing! Any advice?

My routine starts off with a
5 minute warm up
10-20 minute stretch and v stretch, multiple angles
10 minutes pinch pull (C JELQS)
10 minutes of more stretching
10 minutes of regular jelqs
10 minutes of erect jelq
5 minute warm down

Should I possible decondition and take a few week off and start back up? Or maybe start a 3 on 1 off routine of smaller work out sessions? Maybe switch right over to hanging? I don’t know it’s been almost 3 months and I’ve truly put a lot of work into PE with out many results to show for it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Like a lot of people your expectations about the speed of gains are through the roof. Especially if measuring with inches you won’t be seeing gains every month.

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Go back to what helped you get those gains. Dont rush things.

Burn that tunica!

I think that a good example of why the advice is always the same, if you’re gaining, the last thing in the world you want to do is change anything about your routine. I think we’re all tempted to think if we just add a little more, or an extra day or another set, we’re going to gain faster. It usually has the opposite effect.

I don’t think you’ll benefit from any dedicated period of deconditioning at this point, and starting down the hanging path now while you could still gain from such a nice and simple routine wouldn’t be advisable.

I’d say cut the routine down in time, and there’s no need to do two long, full sessions a day at this point. I’d remove any erect jelqing at all, and add a rest day or two a week back into your schedule. You can add small amounts of time each week as you go but don’t fall into the same trap of overdoing it.

Also, like Dude151 said, you may need to adjust your expectations considerably. I don’t want to discourage you or devalue the work you’ve put in, but if you feel at a couple months of stretching and jelqing that you’ve put “a lot” of work in and “only” gained a quarter inch…you’re going to become frustrated. Get all you can out of a light routine of stretches and jelqs and be happy for any and all gains that come.


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