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Ssh, it's a secret

Ssh, it's a secret

I thought hard about sharing this with you guys but in the end it seemed kind of selfish not to. After all, getting testimonial that PE works from people that have no commercial interest in it, is probably more credible.

Anyway, I started PE at the beginning of this month as you can see from my stats, and it’s a vanity things for me as I just want a bigger penis (don’t we all), and I also wanted the inner cynic in me to be proved wrong about PE.

I have kept my new hobby (PE) a secret from my wife. This I did deliberately, because if SHE noticed anything ‘different’ then that would be a positive in favour of PE working.

Two nights ago we made love and afterwards we lay side-by-side catching out breath and after a few seconds silence she said: ‘That was a.. Fantastic orgasm.’

‘So what’, you may say? Well the point is that my wife NEVER comments about her orgasms. Quite rightly she says that I should be able to tell when she’s had a great time, and I agree. So, to hear these words really ‘shocked me’.

So last night I fixed her with my best ‘seductive’ look and raising one eyebrow said, ‘So, how about some more cock tonight?’ (I’m a real smoothie, huh!). And her comment was: ‘If your cock is anything like it was last night, you bet!’

I nearly fell off my chair!

I still plan to keep all this quiet until she actually (hopefully) makes a comment about the size of my cock! I know that the PE I’ve been doing has CERTAINLY made it harder and stronger while erect, and my orgasms are much more powerful too - this is perhaps what she’s noticed.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the real positive outcomes I’ve experienced. Especially as I’ve had some positive feedback from an impartial observer, so to speak!

01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

Congrads Saul, That’s two of the best reasons to do PE in my opinion, for improved erection quality and for your partner.


Great news Saul! :thumbs: No matter what measuring devices, your eyes or your hands tell you, there’s no greater indicator that PE is working than from your partner’s reaction in the sack.

Size, stamina and erectile quality can all be improved upon with PE and I can’t think of a better excuse than to give your good lady to ride of a lifetime. It’ll keep her wanting it more and that’s all us guys really want! :woot2:

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

I’m glad for your wife.

;) .

You’re a legend in your wife’s eyes now. Keep that shit going. :thumbs:

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up nude. That's a common mistake. You have to let nudity "happen."

From my experience, I would guess that it is likely increased girth that made the difference, since you were below average in that dimension but already above average in length. And women themselves actually rate girth as more important than length.

Just be careful, increases in length above average are not universally well received by partners, as has come up before and we are currently seeing in the PE Dilemma thread.

Good Luck,


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

Another fascinating night, last night:

I can honestly say that I have never seen the look on my wife’s face that she was wearing last night when we were making love.

She was on her back as I penetrated her she looked into my eyes with her mouth adopting that classic ‘O’ shape of surprise (‘O’ as in Oh My God) and her eyes widened appreciably! I resisted the urge to say anything and just enjoyed her obvious enjoyment.

Now, she normally comes to orgasm before me (if I were immodest I’d put that the other way around) and she can get there pretty quick, but last night she got there in 5 minutes flat, she was that aroused! We finished off with her straddling me as I lay on my back. In this position she was gasping and moaning more than I’d ever seen her do so before. I couldn’t resist asking, ‘What? What is it, is something wrong?’ and she replied, ‘No, it’s just that.. Jeez.. My c*nt feels so tight around your c*ck!’


She still doesn’t know that I’m doing PE.

I’ve got another 7 days to go before the end of my first month and I’m looking forward with slight trepidation to getting the tape measure out. I’m delighted with the effect it’s having on our love life but scared to death that nothing will have increased and this is just better EQ.

One thing I have definitely noticed increase though, is the vascularity in my penis. The large veins are much more prominent now and are often visible even when I’m flaccid and the smaller veins that were hardly noticeable before are now also prominent, giving an all over much bigger look to my penis.

Anyway, when the time comes I’ll try and post some pictures with my new measurements.

Thanks for listening.

01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

A quarter inch of girth in a month is impressive.
A quarter inch of girth gain is also popular with the wife.

What have you been doing over the past month to bring that about, sneaky Saul?

"Debate the idea..."

Hiya Goonbaby - nope mate, those are my Goals you see there on the second line, not my second set of measurements.

I will be really pleased if I can hit those targets.

It’s all a matter of time, isn’t it. If a guy tells you on here that he’s gained a whole inch on the length and girth of his penis that’s really impressive, even when he tells you that it took 2 years to do it.

But in reality that would be around 1/16th of an inch every 6 weeks. Take a look at what 1/16th looks like on a ruler - you’d hardly notice that on your unit! But it all adds up.

Perseverance & consistency. :)

01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

Saul, even if what you and your wife are feeling is just an increase in erection quality, to me that’s a gain in the right direction. It doesnt matter what the measuring tape says, if the lady is enjoying it more then that’s what matters! Good for you brutha!


I nearly fell off my chair!

Hahahaha .. Hehehe must be nice to hear

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.


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