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Squeezing the perineum

Squeezing the perineum

I recently watched an episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! where they discussed orgasm. During the show, they spoke with a man who said he was an “erotic rockstar” and suggested squeezing the perineum for harder erections and stronger ejaculations. He simply said to stick your middle and ring fingers between your anus and scrotum and to squeeze and release the pressure applied to the perineum.

I know that squeezing the perineum during orgasm will result in no ejaculation, but I do lose my erection. I also noticed my erection becomes greater when I squeeze my perineum.

Any evidence that squeezing the perineum could result in better EQ, perhaps if combined with kegels?

I assume the reason it results in no ejaculation is due to compression that prevents semen from moving past that point. Question is, how much pinching can you do before you begin to irritate the tissues involved? IOW, it ain’t made to work like that and doing so may have negative consequences. Not saying you’re going to get a stricture type injury or prostate problems due to excessive pinching, but these areas can react in odd ways. Only need to irritate these tissues a bit before they effect other areas of the plumbing, so to speak.

Probably best to do kegels and get the EQ results without having to pinch. Once the PC muscles become conditioned and stronger, it may have the same effect as pinching without the extra effort of hand work.

Of course that’s my opinion based on my body. The times I’ve used compression to stave-off ejaculation or not ejaculate during orgasm, it left me feeling very congested and cloggy in the area. You could be different there.

To clarify:

1. I know that squeezing the perineum will result in no ejaculation, but I am not concerned with that in this thread.

2. The “perineum squeezing exercise” would be done in a flaccid state, not while masturbating.

3. The perineum is not being pinched. Two fingers apply pressure with the fingertips.

Originally Posted by Obafemi
To clarify:

2. The “perineum squeezing exercise” would be done in a flaccid state, not while masturbating.

3. The perineum is not being pinched. Two fingers apply pressure with the fingertips.

For #2, if you’re not pinching then it’s more of a “perineum pressing exercise” and I don’t suspect it would do nearly as much good as a kegel routine. If it’s giving you better erections when you do it (as you stated), then it does that. If you are asking whether it will somehow give you better erections without having to press/squeeze with fingers in the future, I doubt it. The kegels will, though, even when done in a flaccid state. Does for me, anyhow.

Great info, C.phantasy!

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Penn and Teller are “Bullshit”.
Do not belive everything they say on that show.

I love that show. What do they say that is bullshit? The only personal bullshit I have found is they said you couldn’t increase the size of your penis, where they had a men jelq for 2 weeks and claimed enlargement to be bullshit. The man they interviewed about the perineum exercise was an oddball, that’s why I wanted to ask TP if there was any validity to his statements.

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