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Sorry if I sound stupid, but I keep hearing about squeezes, and I’m unsure of what it is…like is it simply clamping at the base of the penis with a tourniquet grip? or something else?

Hey john7grains,

Squeezes can be done manually or with clamps. I do mine manually by wrapping my thumb and forefinger around the base and squeezing hard. Then I take my other hand and squeeze just below the head. This causes large pressures in the shaft between your two hands. Hold your hands there for 5 seconds, remove them for 3 seconds, and repeat. This is definitely an advanced technique so don’t try it if you are just starting out. You should be well warmed up and loose to prevent injuries. I usually jelq for 15 or 20 minutes and then do 5-10 minutes of squeezes. It is a good exercise for girth. Hope this helps! I think it is outlined better here:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Actually they discuss plumped bends which is similar to squeezes, it just goes a step further. Enjoy!

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