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I’ve searched for a detailed description for squeezes/jelq squeezes and horses and I have had no luck.

One could spend hours, nay, days, on this site looking for info.

Can someone narrow it down for me please.


Basic Information

Hi and welcome.

From Thunder’s Place Main Page you can select the first page of each forum. One of the forums on that page is the Link to bad forum (forumid 15) removed forum. You should read each of the threads there, but the one you are looking for is - PE FAQ Site. It contains a link to a site that explains all the terms and exercises used in PE.

You might also want to look at the Link to bad forum (forumid 33) removed

The search button at the top of each page allows you to search for words within threads in the various forums. You can be as detailed in your query as you like. I searched for “horse squeeze instructions” and got back just one thread with some good information. Seaching for “horse” or “squeezes” alone will get way too many responses, but you can pick the likely ones and see if they help.

New members are often guided to the FAQs and introductory material first, then encouraged to ask questions about basic techniques if you still don’t understand.

(Thunder gives the quick response while I’m writing a novel!)

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