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Spring time?

Spring time?

Just a short time ago I read about the growing sincerity among users here; not anymore those hard-to-believe claims about 8” starting points and so on.

Now I come here and I’m amazed by the incredible growth shown by many users in a VERY short time frame; am I the only one noticing how many reports tell a story of new inches joining in for dinner?

I’m not saying they’re all bluffing (even if it’s improbable enough to think a part does); I was just smiling thinking that, maybe, the spring brings new inches to the good guys. So many reporting 1 inch or more in 3 months or less…

After all, I’m not jealous of your size: I’m jealous of how easily you gain!

Very true.
That’s why I am starting up again on April the 1st. (Not a joke)
Just so I can do the whole month of PE and see what I get.

Maybe the seasons have something to do with it?
Like cold in winter = smaller.
Hot in summer = bigger.

You could be onto something.
Good luck finding out.

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

This is why I keep my thermostat near 80F, and if it is cold outside I don’t go out for too long. I don’t want to ever turtle again.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Almost all of the big gains I read comes from newbies (first year PE’ers). I would chalk up a good majority of the big gains as newbie gains. Newbie gains can be very, very fast and big I know from experience and it happens to a lot of people. If a dude 2+ years into his PE career gets a big gains, that’s WAY less likely in my opinion, for obvious reasons.

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