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Spring-loaded vs Screw-based VacExtenders

Spring-loaded vs Screw-based VacExtenders

It appears that Monkeybar’s old screw-based VacExtender’s are now redundant.
He now only stocks spring-loaded extenders similar to the JES extender.

Can we conclude that spring-loaded extenders are superior & give better results than screw-based extenders?

If not, why did Monkeybar switch over to spring-loaded extenders?

He can buy them in bulk wholesale and therefore doesn’t have to manufacture as many different things.

He can concentrate on the silicone, weighted tips for the Auto Xsleeve, and vac attachments.

That’d be my guess.

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Just got this from Mgus. Here’s whole story,

The base I was making - I had to stop as one of the extender manufacturer threaten me with lawsuit (rhyme with handro hadical). My lawyer told me they got nothing but with all the stress in my life, I just decided it wasn’t worth it and keep paying my lawyer just in case.

It wasn’t necessary the spring vs screw based - there’s really no superior benefit of one vs another. Its more of a preference and most prefer the spring based (I could get the rod based too) and it doesn’t make much of modification to get that working. But with overwhelming preference for spring base, I just went that route (actually there’s few benefit to spring base but not enough to call it superior).

What was superior was the base itself. It was more anatomically shaped than what other manufacturers are making now. Its a shame as most who have both do like mine better but like I said, my life is one stressful event to another, so I’m trying lighten my stress load. Hope you understand.


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