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Hi everyone. I am new to PE and my username is my EL. I am hoping to gain girth and length over time and I am ready to try jelqing and other methods to get there! The great thing about these forums- of which I have been stalking for a few weeks- is that there is finally somewhere containing TRUTH. Unbelievable how many damn websites I’ve read that have misinformation directly for a purpose. Thank goodness I found these and thank you to all of those who contribute openly.

OK, so, what is the thread title about? Well, I am completely new to PE, like I said, and jelqing in general. I found the newby guide and am have been following it for about a week. Yesterday, however, I was able to get a really good session in and everything felt very good and I had a good flaccid going after the routine. After the warm towel and before the kegels (by the way, did anyone else have trouble doing 50 x 5 secs at the beginning? I was fighting there at the end lol) I noticed there were a few dark red/ purple spots on the tip of my glans near the urethral opening. I am guessing this is just bruising but I was wondering if this is normal or if it means I am pushing too hard or doing something wrong. I did about 200 wet jelqs with comfortable but high pressure and a few times I compressed the glans fully. Also, I did the stretching beforehand and a few times pinched the head a little. It does not hurt nor are there any other warning signs of injury. In fact, it feels fine and I am able to get erect comfortably.

I have a picture and if that helps I will post it, but I am guessing this is probably just some newby error. Thanks!

I’m not an expert on spots but I guess might be just bruising, if they start fading away with just your regular routine, no problem. But if they do get worse and worse as you go you better tone it down a notch.

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Thanks Dude, that’s what I figured too. I am taking the day off today as well (as recommended for regular newby PE) so hopefully the spots will naturally fade

I typically get light spotting, I don’t think much of it as long as my morning erections and erection quality remain good. As long as they are just tiny red dots you are okay in my opinion.

Hi 5x4.75 and welcome to Thunders,

This is a quote from Marinera in another thread, about a different grip for jelqing.

Originally Posted by marinera
I recommend a parallel grip, with your fingers forming a ā€˜| |ā€™ on the sides of the penis. Since this can be fatiguing, a ā€˜Cā€™ grip, which leaves space on the ventral side of the penis for blood to expand, can be adopted.

Basically the head of your penis is supplied by blood from the corpus spongiosum which is on the underside of the penis, by switching grips to how Marinera explains it you will apply pressure to the corpus cavernosum, sparing the corpus spongiosum and hence creating less pressure in the head.

For what it is worth I always found that stretching built up the most pressure in the head, that was until I started using the Captains Wench for stretching, which grips it in a completely different method, and the wrap helps to stop too much pressure in the head.

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Red spots means you did not push it too far, they probably will heal in less than 2 days. Purple spots means you almost pushed it too far, wait until it fully heals which might take 2-8 days. Brown and/or black spots mean you pushed it too far and will likely be permanent damage, but you might still want to lay off on the PE and see if it heals.

You also want to pay attention to the size of the spots too. Bigger the worse. Also a bruise spot is usually bigger in size (usually purple and/or red if you did not push it too far) and may take a week to heal.

My advise is let them heal so they don’t get worse (red to purple to brown/black) and make sure they are only red (if they are purple or even brown/black, you got to take it more easy).

Thank you for the responses. It has been a few days and they are basically gone. I resumed the beginner routine yesterday and it felt just fine. They were a light purple Obie, so thank you for explaining that.

Behemoth, what is the Captains Wench? A PE tool pr a certain grip?

Just make sure the purple spots turn red and then go away (heal) before starting PE again. You don’t want to make them worse.

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