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Spot on shaft after 5 days, jelq or not to jelq?

Spot on shaft after 5 days, jelq or not to jelq?

I really want to start jelqing again but I got a broken vein or something and it is still there on my shaft. I have read that it may make it worse but it also may make it go away. It doesn’t hurt but I don’t want it to get any biger, my wife will see it. Any suggestions? Thanks! Maybe I’ll post of pic of the spot.

I am pretty new to PEing myself but sounds like you should wait however long until your dick heals. Maybe gently massage it regularly. Hope it gets better soon..


I couldn’t wait so I did it and no change to the old blood spot, maybe a little lighter now. But I did get a new tiny spot on top!!! What the F!

Hi there Irishpride,

If it’s really a broken vein, then you will have to wait a few days. I’ve been there before, it only took me 3 days before its really disappear. After that, do your routine really gentle. Don’t push too hard. Slow but sure OK:) .


It’s probably best to lay off the PE for a little while until the spot goes away or fades. Similar thing happened to me, but the spot started from an ingrown hair which developed into a small bruise-looking spot on my shaft. Use this as a lesson - for newbies like us, we have to learn how much our meat can handle without turning into ground beef.

From what I’ve read, a heat/massage combination is what seems to work for some people.

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