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Spongy penis after bath mate use

Spongy penis after bath mate use

What’s up everyone, I’ll try to keep this short. So I’ve been using the bath mate for about a couple of weeks and now my penis seems a bit spongier so to speak. I’m not too worried as this happened about 2 months ago and went away after bath mate discontinuation. But I’m curious as to why this is or if anyone else knows what I’m talking about. It feels fuller, but definitely not as hard. So original erections pre bath mate were basically smaller and stiffer, like the blood was pressing up against the walls of the penis where now it seems like either the blood isn’t getting pushed far enough in or there isn’t as much (which causes my penis to hang or droop more than before). I’m only asking because I’ve heard of vascular damage/damaging blood vessels and I definitely want to stop if this is a negative PI. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You didn’t do any damage, this is edema, or also known as lymph fluid build up.

It is not harmful if you make sure to not PE upon it for ages.

As you pump you will always have some chances to end up with a bit of edema, try to keep it minimal.

My first guess is you’re pumping with too much intensity / for too long each session.

Thanks so much for your response man, really puts my mind at ease. So would you recommend taking time off or just reducing the time I do it for from now on.

I would recommend you get rid of it first , you can try reverse jelqing and see if it helps (jelq from the tip to the base).

When you resume, do very low intensity, increase gradually over time (time/intensity).

I recommend you to have a look at the “penis pumps” subforum, and search “edema” and “lymph” through the search function of the forum.

It happens to everyone. I hate pumping though. Look into squeezes clamping etc for optimal girth gain.

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I think your dick is just expanding from using the bath mate .
And smooth muscle hasn’t caught up to your tunica .

You may be using to much Hg .

Try dynamic pumping .
I don’t seal the tube completely , just let it leak down to 2 Hg . then repump to 4 Hg .
Much easier to do it that way , and effective .
dooks out !!!

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Thanks a lot for the advice guys. Yeah I’m just gonna go at it at lighter and do 3 five minute pump sessions with jelqing in between to reduce any fluid buildup. Like I said, not too worried but the thought of permanent soft dick did cause me to sweat a bit

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