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splitting routine up

splitting routine up

Hey guys, everythings been going pretty well with my routine….the strategy im taking is 2 days on with 1 off, but every once in a while ill increase the routines intensity and then take 2 days off to give my penis adequit rest. Is that a good idea or should I stick to 2on/1off? I dont always take 2 days off just when I increase the stretching or jelqing time. Also, is it ok to Split the routine up? Im up to 280 jelqs a sessions so I was wondering if I could do 140 jelqs one sessions and later on in the day do the other 140 jelqs. Will that decrease my gains or is it really the same thing?


IF you FEEL your penis needs to rest 2 days, then by all means rest 2 days. If you think your penis doesn’t need to, then only 1 day rest should be enough. Yes, it is okay to split your routine throughout the day.

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My opinion is that if you do a 2 on 1 off then you need do do 4 workouts a week as a staple. Splitting up the session over the course of the day is good if you lac kprivacy but IMO it takes away some of the intensity when working the routine once.

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