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Split up sessions

Split up sessions

Is it ok for me to do this routine 3 times a day instead of the newbie routine?

2 Minutes hot wrap with very warm cloth.
2 minutes v stretches and twist stretches.( I also do these for 2 minutes a few times a day when I go for a bathroom break.)
6-8 Minutes dry jelqing at levels from 50-80% ( I was doing at 70-100% but heard mixed thoughts on high level erection jelqing )

Reason I ask is that I only have maybe 10-15 minutes a free at a time for the whole day everyday.I am not looking for fast gains or to move into new bigger and badder programs, I just need something that will fit my schedule and still give me progress.

Sounds fine to me. You have to balance PE with the rest of your life, or you won’t keep up with it. Just work within the time frames you have available. Good luck!

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