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Split the jelq session?

Split the jelq session?

Im currently on the newbie routine. I find it hard to perform 200-300 god jelqs in one session. I get really tired in my hands after a while and it`s hard to do them correct. I was wondering if it is ok to do perhaps 100-150 jelqs in the morning and 150 jelqs in the evening?

Also I sometimes find it hard to stay erect for such a long time. For me to perform 200-300 jelqs it take maybe 30 minutes.

It’s the first time you do the newbie routine, makavelia? To answer your question, I think you just have to try how it works for you.

I use to had this problem when I started PE. I started with 150 jelqs, and I was doing them in 3 X 50 sets. And by the time, my hands become stronger, which is a good side effect :) . And I increased this into 2 X100 after a while. And now, I’m doing 3 X 100 sets of jelqing. in This way, you can let your hands rest, and maintain an erection during the entire session.

marinera> No, It`s not the first time. Actually it`s like the second or third time. I have allways given up after perhaps 6-8 weeks or so due to loss of motivation. A few weeks ago I found som old pics of my dick compared to my remotecontrol and I noticed then that I definitely hade gained, maybe 1-1,5 cm or so. No Im back, full of motivation and this time I wont give up! I think that one of the reason that I`ve given up before is that PE became an obsession for me. Now I try to follow the newbie routine every day without getting obsessed. Like a everyday routine just as going to my job. With a little patient, motivation and consistency I hope I will reach my goal in a couple of years or so.

pegain> You are probably right. As my hands becomes stronger it will be a lot easier. :)

Happy new year to you all!

I’m doing the new newbie routine but slightly modified. I’m only up to 100 jelqs, but I split them up into 10 sets with 1 minute rest in between. During this ‘rest’ period I’ll stretch up, out, left and right for 15 seconds each. This approach seems to have helped in all areas so far.

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