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Split Stream Urine

Split Stream Urine

I’ve been doing exercises off and on but never steady for a couple years. (I’ll start doing them for real now). I’ve noticed that when I urine, I’m getting two streams of urine to start and it’ll gather into one stream after a second or so. Also, when I’m taking a dump, when the urine pressure isn’t as strong, the urine would go all over the place.

This only happened to me after I started jelq and stretching exercises. Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong?

The meatus I think it is called, the part that looks like tiny lips at the very front of your pee-hole, can get a little puffy from the pressure on the glans from jelqing and stretching. Thus, fluid dynamics and all that engineer stuff, dictates that the stream will bend a little around the puffy part - i.e. splatter and go all over the place.

Seems to be a not too uncommon problem - Big Girtha claimed it was the price to pay for pumping, but I don’t know since I don’t pump.

regards, mgus

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You can try massaging the meatus (thanks mgus!) Just hold in in your finger tips and gently massage it where you feel a hard spot.

Alternatively, get the palm of your hand over the area and holding your penis with the other hand gently massage the swollen area with a circular motion. It will go down much quicker. Or really go to town and try both methods. But do things gently.

It should disappear very rapidly . You can use some warm water to help remove it but just gently warm Not the pre warm-up for PE, warrmth.

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But it’s always there, no hardening or anything, I’ve stopped doing it for months at a time and it’s still there. Sometimes I have to squat over the toilet to pee or else it’ll be all over the place. Very sad story.

Just open up your pee hole by rolling the tip of your glans between your finger tips. Look as you do this to verify you are opening up and rounding out your pee hole. Then the stream should flow true. This takes about 2 seconds to do.

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My urine stream split after I masturbate. THe reason is the cum gets hard and gets stuck in the urine hole.

I suppose after masturbating cum doesn’t get stuck in urine hole. Cum that gets left in there is drained into bloodstream.

I’ve had it happen after a long PE/ pump session as well as occasionally after sex- I think for different reason- the sex is clearly some dries cum while the pee-hole [is that the technical term?] gets occluded by itself after pumping/ PE.

Have the same problem. It occured during my pumping years back in the eightys. Just learned to live with it.

What works okay for me is I’ll get down on one knee, point the unit close to the bowl and let go. It minimizes any chance of the urine getting on the floor and all over the bowl. If your at a stand up problem there,.. plenty of room to miss the target and still have a clean area. I also found as a result of heavy pumping my prostate was irritated and I could never fully void. After going once I would dribble quite a bit. Since I’ve laid off the pumping for many years now, it’s a little better but there is still the split stream issue as well as the dribble. I took prostate medication for a while and felt a little better but it resulted in some serious E.D. problems. Got off the medication and things got a little better. I do a herbal supplement with saw palmetto in it right now. It’s not as effective as the medication, but it’s better than having E.D. problems.

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