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Spiritual quest?


When I think about it, why would god want to answer such a prayer? If one exists, didn’t he/she/it create you as intended? I believe in the metaphysical, but for this one I tend to see it as something you have to work for to make happen. I could be totally wrong, its like praying to win a race. It could work, but most people are going to have to do a lot of training to make it happen, in addition to the prayer. So, it seems more likely that the training is what made the difference.

The thing with praying is that occasionally you get what you pray for, whereas with PE you always get results!

I am drinking the Thunder’s Koolaid!

This is about as close to religion as I would like to get.pulling on my dick.

It is a piece in the journey of life and it is good to see this place.


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