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Special Underwear for PE

Special Underwear for PE

Hello all,

I just got some of Monty’s stealth PE weights, but I am worried they are still not stealth enough. I remember seeing some special underwear for concealment. It was essentially a waistband with a tapered sock-like attachment for your wang and at the end of the taper it had another elastic band to secure around your thigh. This would keep the weights from swinging/ bulging in your pants, while still allowing them to do their job. If anyone could share the link to where you could buy them, or, if that is not allowed, PM it to me, that would be much appreciated.

Is there a reason why you are not starting with the newbie routine?

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Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Routine, Pics

Yep, no devices until you have done several months of HANDS ONLY newbie routine.

Newbie helps you condition your penis, and helps you learn about how your penis responds to PE, You need that knowledge prior to using devices or it is very likely you will injure yourself. Which will require you to take a long time off for recovery.

I am especially leery about newbies doing things to themselves when their penises aren’t visible. You need constant visual feedback as a newbie. If your cock is hidden in your pants, how will you know it has turned green? TOO DAMN RISKY.

Thanks for your concern guys, but I have already completed the newbie routine. If anyone has a response to the question I asked, I have still not found what I am looking for.

And that thank you wasn’t sarcasm. Comments like the two above I’m sure have saved countless people looking for quick gains from wrecking their peepees.


You are right about Craven’s and Stal-Kool’s comments.
Yes, these really are injury savers.

I’d like to turn the question in a bit a different way.
It seems you have done your “mandatory” 3-months Newbie Routine and now want to move to other things.
But have you been gaining with the Newbie Routine?

If yes, how much and how fast - and why should you abandon it then?.
If no: are you sure you mastered in these short 3 months the way of correct stretching and the art of perfect jelqing?
Because most of us need much more time to achieve these objectives.

The idea of the Newbie Routine is NOT to be a 3-months conditioning routine and then you can move to the “real” exercises.
It is already the real exercise for life-long PE!
Only when you experience a plateau in gains you should eventually consider to change the routine.
These are called ‘advanced exercises’ because they advance the risk of injury.

And last but not least: are you in the “zone of growth”?
Then a) why leave it, and if no then b) why not search it on a systematic way?
Maybe you have a quick read on my methodology approach post number 10 in this thread: SMALL PENIS can’t deal with it anymore

After all, it’s your dick, but then don’t whine if it hurts because you are going at it too early, too ambitious and too harsh..

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AussieBum maybe?

Originally Posted by domepiece
It was essentially a waistband with a tapered sock-like attachment for your wang and at the end of the taper it had another elastic band to secure around your thigh.

I think what you are describing isn’t concealing underwear, but rather another PE device called an All Day Stretcher (ADS). So that wouldn’t really work for you.

I think what you are going to have to do is find pants that are more concealing, or just use your Monty’s weights when you aren’t at work.

Appreciate the “thank you”

Richard65: thanks again and I already happened to have read that thread. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for four months and now I’m trying out a mild ADS (one ring to start) because my gains have stalled for two months (even BPFSL). I think this fits in with your changing one variable advice.

Sta-kool: No sir, what I described was (not an ADS). Basically just a cock sock to prevent your ding-a-ling swing. It provides no tension it just allows Monty’s weights (an ADS) and gravity to do their job in a confined space.

Looked at aussiebum—not what I was looking for. These undies were especially designed for PE. I so wish I would have bookmarked the page I found them on.


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