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Spacing out exercises

Spacing out exercises

Just wondering if it is practical to really space out the stretching and jelq routines… at least for the time being. Privacy is a main issue… as my roommate and I have pretty erratic schedules, so it’s hard to judge the time I have for a decent session (won’t be a problem after December… will have the apartment to myself and I can PE all that my heart desires :) ).

Anyway, considering I’m aiming mostly for length gains (flaccid length specifically), I figure I can do a 5 or 6 on / 1 or 2 off routine for stretching and for jelqs on Fridays through weekend (I go home most of the time where I have more privacy and time is not so much an issue). I figure it’s seems okay, but I’m just curious if anybody has something to add to this, like if it’s better to do them together in same day, all together, etc.

Some info, I already have about a month and a half of PE under my belt, have recently went into erect jelqing and did it for about 4 days without any serious problems: no soreness, no spots. In fact, I looked a lot more plump post-session… plus since I tend to subside in my erections through jelqs, I usually ended up at around 70-80% erection level anyway. If anybody has input on that, would be appreciated.

I figure my stretching routine was not adequate (8 stretches at 30 seconds each) and I should put more concentration on stretching and increase intensity, thinking 10 or 15+ minutes total time, but also want to keep jelqing somewhere in routines.

Wow, that was longer than I thought… anyway, just looking for some input regarding my routine idea. Thank you ahead of time :)

It is probably best to do a structured routine of stretches then jelqs that is consistent for your “on” days. Do what you have to to get by until December, but then try to work out a routine that for each session includes both stretching and jelqing. 5 or 6 on and 1 or 2 off is fine.

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